Thursday, September 26, 2013

Design Decor and Disha

I am completely in awe of people who can draw, paint and are good at DIY's. Today I am happy to introduce you to one of my readers Disha. She is also a fellow blogger and blogs at Design Decor and Disha. She is a big DIY enthusiast and loves recycling. She sent me pictures of some of her projects. Disha painted this beautiful earthen pot for her home. She calls it her "Pot of Happiness" (I love the name).

Here she has painted a tray using natural dyes. Click here to visit Disha's blog to learn more about her and her artwork!

Images: Design Decor and Disha and subject to copyright.


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful work-she is very talented. xo Diana

Disha Mishra said...

Thanks a lot Nana Diana!!

Reshma Sharma said...

Beautiful images of such lovely work of art. Disha is a genius with her DIYs and a lovely person too. Thanks for sharing her work with us on your wonderful blog, Anu :)

Sangitha said...


Aamir Khan said...

Awesome , good creativity

Aamir Khan said...

Awesome work done by Disha, very good creativity

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