Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Crush: Wooden Elements

Hello there!! Do you have a recent design crush ? I would love to hear about it. I am happy to share mine:) Recently, I have been obsessed with wooden elements in a design space. If its reclaimed wood then even better:) I am so taken in by the simple, yet effective way wood and wooden props can add beauty to a space. In my mind, it makes the space look warm, organic and makes all the colors around it pop!  Here are a few lovely images where wooden elements have been added to the decor! 

Do you like this look ? I hope I have managed to shake off your Monday blues with these images :) Here's wishing you a lovely week ahead.....

In this space the simple tray on the coffee table does the trick...

This wooden 'love' sign is delightful :)

The perfect Fall vignette on this distressed rustic wood table looks so dreamy....

The neutral wooden end table is a perfect fit in this bright and classy space!

The wooden stool looks adorable with all the house plants....

This rustic wooden dresser makes me want to grab it right out of my laptop screen :)

Images: via and subject to copyright.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Beautifully Curated home in Kerala, India

There are some images that simply make you smile. The warmth and beauty of the space lingers in your mind long after you have moved on to other things. This bright and beautiful vignette does that for me :)

Today we are traveling to Kerala, India to visit a delightful home filled with carefully curated accents.

Bindu Joseph's home is a visual treat! Every corner is immaculate and beautifully styled. Here is Bindu's haven described to me in her own words: 

 "I live in Kerala with my husband and three kids. We live in our ancestral home.  While we have made some renovations to suit our style and needs most of the architecture has remained the same! I like to keep my home visually beautiful and practical at the same time. My curios and artifacts have been collected over a period of time. They comprise of  some online purchases and  souvenirs from our travels. A clutter free and visually appealing  home in keeps me positively motivated at all times.  My style is a combination of English colonial, French architecture and of course traditional Indian. It is a complete amalgamation of very distinct styles with my own touch. I love plants and color. I believe colors have a way of touching hearts."

Thank you Bindu for sharing your lovely haven with the readers of MDC. Your passion and your keen eye gives your home a lovely vibe.  

Enjoy the view folks.....

 Her cute kitchen.......

Outdoor living.....

You can follow Bindu on Instagram to see more glimpses of her home!

All Images Copyright Bindu Joseph

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Musings and Featuring " THE KITCHEN MCCABE"

2017 has been quite the year for me personally! I cannot believe its already November! Family illnesses, trips, our first renovation in the house to my older one transitioning to middle school and a few other ups and downs.....I feel like this year has thrown a lot at me and my family! The last few days, I have had this urge to slow down, and to simply do nothing! The past two weekends I have managed to steal a few hours to chase the fall colors around town. This year the Fall season in the Pacific Northwest has been exceptionally stunning! You can view pictures of my Autumn Wanderings on Instagram.

  With autumn hues around me and  winter knocking at my doorstep these beautiful images from "THE KITCHEN MCCABE"  sets the mood for November!

I have been smitten by the food photography and styling by Kaylee where she shares wholesome recipes presented with style, finesse and beauty. A trained chef, Kaylee lives in Utah with her family and shares her passion on her blog.

Do bookmark her awesome blog for a visual treat and wonderful recipes. I had such a hard time picking only a few  of her images to feature here! These are a few are some favorites. The vignettes are simply dreamy and are perfect for this time of the year....

Here's wishing you all a wonderful month ahead filled with warmth, love, peace and laughter!

All images via and subject to Copyright.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Introducing a Young Designer Suhasini

It always give me great pleasure to feature new and upcoming artists on my Dream Canvas! It is even more exciting when the artist is a passionate 18 year old :)

The work below is the brainchild of Suhasini Ganesan. A young  girl pursuing her design dreams at NIFT Bangalore! Her brand is called ChummaWeirdlyAjeeb. The innovative name caught my attention immediately :) 

Here's her story.....

What started as an afternoon hobby of creating dresses and jewelry as a little girl...soon grew into a passion that found its wings in this entrepreneurial venture! Minimalistic isn't her game - she creates quirky, edgy, bold, unapologetic, bright jewelry for the youngsters like herself- so they have the opportunity to 'wear' their attitude :-) 

Chumma, in Tamil, a language from Southern India, means 'just like that' or 'simply' and in Hindi, means 'kiss'. was what it really signifies- Simply With Love. Now, for the Weirdly and Ajeeb. They mean the same thing and that quite sums up the meaning of this entrepreneurial venture! 

Chumma has traveled to a lot of people across India and has made it's way across the seas to the United States as well! Suhasini is juggling her education and this venture like a pro. She also caught the attention of The Indian Express, Bangalore, India that featured her work in one of their issues! 

What a proud moment for an 18 year old! 

To  get your hands on her creations, you can message  Chumma's inbox on Facebook or on Instagram and can order away!

Good luck Suhasini......

Images Copyright ChummaWeirdlyAjeeb