Friday, June 16, 2017

I Could Spend My Weekend Here.....

Its the weekend and I could happily spend my time lounging here......a cup of tea, some soothing music and a good book is all I need :)

 Keep on smiling.....

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Aninda''s Pretty Eclectic Haven

Hello there! I have been missing in action for a while now! I had to fly home to India to be with my parents as my dad was unwell. The past few weeks were hard for all of us! However, I am a happy girl as my Dad is back home, and recovering! In a couple of weeks, I head back to Delhi to spend more time with my parents. My kids are looking forward to seeing the Grandparents! The heat of course, will be a lot to deal with but then nothing quite like being back home!  I feel lucky to call both Seattle and Delhi home :)

Home Tours have always been special to me! Today, I am happy to share images of a home brimming with personality and warmth. This is the home of a fellow blogger Aninda Singh who is based in Delhi.  Take a tour of Aninda's world in her own words!

"I am a creative professional dabbling in jewelry design and mosaic making and also a decor blogger at Sunshine in My Cup 
Our home to us is essentially a space that is an authentic reflection of our personalities. It reflects who we are collectively as a family! It is brimming with our love for travel, books, nature and the many Indian art and craft forms! there are  travel souvenirs and colorful collectibles sprinkled all around our home. While there is a lot of color in my decor, the cream walls help create a calm vibe all around. Every piece placed in our home has a story to tell…... that of a happy memory, a personal milestone or a wonderful trip we have taken together. Stories that are fondly remembered and relived every day as we go about our busy lives.

Ours is a contemporary, practical home rooted in traditional Indian design. My decorating style is eclectic and essentially Indian. Avoiding shiny finishes in metal and wood like plague, I often find myself embracing the worn, weathered and distressed with open arms! Vintage metal items and the unique character of handmade ceramic wares find a special place in my heart and home always. I am inherently drawn to the amazing intricate craft practices that have existed in our country for so many years and are now sadly disappearing.

 The Thangka painting in our dining room has been framed using a saree border from my mother’s trousseau. Old brass utility items, now used as vases and pots in our living room are either family heirlooms or ones that we picked up on trips to Pondicherry and Jodhpur. The prayer lamps, small wooden boat and an old trunk handle now converted to a door knocker adorning the main entrance, is from our trip to Kerala. The Jaali partitions and niches are inspired from Rajasthan. The vintage Pichwai painting was a serendipitous find from an Udaipur by lane.  The wooden swing with brass chains is an absolute favorite!

For me decorating is never about buying the big expensive brands. Also, I firmly believe that the size of a house does not matter in shaping the personality and vibe of a home. Little things like adding potted greens and fresh flowers can lend immense charm to a space and transform it instantly! It is this warm, calm and inviting character that I want my home to reflect most, making it a peaceful sanctuary where my family comes together at the end of each day"

Thanks Aninda for your lovely words and for sharing your home with the readers of My Dream Canvas! The warm colors, the various layers and the personal touches gives your home a unique personality!

As for my readers, I am sure you all will be as mesmerized by this home :)

My favorite image is of course this one :)

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Introducing "Discover Trove"

It is always exciting when I get to kick off the work week with something bold and beautiful :) Its time to introduce you to the beautiful world of Discover Trove! Trove is based in India and is the brainchild of Nayantara. A lady with immense talent, I asked her to describe her design studio in her own words....... 

Gifting has always been fun for me, and I tend to collect beautiful things that I could eventually give away. Giving the people I care about gifts that are elegant and personal is important to me. I feel good when people tell me that the things I give them are unique and not something that one would find in malls and regular shops. I decided to channel this into an enterprise that is both creative and socially responsible. A brand that creates unique and usable gifts, and that does so by giving traditional artisans access to a broader market.
The name ‘Trove’ came from a desire create a treasure chest of contemporary ethnic gift concepts, and to share it with the world "

While Trove's focus is primarily on wholesale and is still a young business, customers can get in touch with Trove through their Facebook page for individual orders. 
Trove is working working towards setting up a small retail store in Hyderabad, India! Thank you Nayantara for sharing your passion and creativity with the readers oF My Dream Canvas. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Visit Trove via Facebook and Instagram

This is just a sneak peek into their collection and a few of my favorites.....
Trove's steelware collection is amazing!!

Images: Discover Trove and subject to copyright.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Inspiration

 Hope your weekend is filled with love, laughter and sunshine :) Have a happy one!

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