Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Summer Tea Party At MDC

 Hello everyone! It is almost summer in my part of the world though the temperatures are still pretty mild! However, since we are almost at the end of May, in my mind I have declared summer :) I leave for India in less than 4 weeks for two months! While, I am super excited about being back in my parents home, I shall miss the glorious Pacific Northwest summer!

There is absolutely no place as beautiful as this in summer. The trees and flowers are in full bloom, the skies are a brilliant blue, the lakes sparkle, the sunsets are surreal and the mountains tower in the distance....

I simply had to celebrate the beginning of summer with a party in my backyard! MDC and tea time go hand in hand and today I invite you to join for impromptu tea party :)
Did I have a plan or a theme for the layout, absolutely NOT! The sun came out briefly and I ran out to the backyard with a few of my favorite things! Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend a month in Europe to celebrate my 40th birthday! Most of the things here are little things I picked up in Italy and England! 

  • The lemon tablecloth was an impulse purchase in Positano! I loved the bright and happy print and every time I look at it, it reminds me of all the lemoncelos and gelatos we ate on the trip :)
  •  The patisserie tin was a lucky find at a local store in Northampton, 
  • The tea cups are from Anthropologie, as you might have guessed :) 
  • The other tea tin and teapot coasters are gifts from my sister in law and brother who live in England and know me really well :) 
  • The butterfly kettle is from Bombay Company which alas has gone out of business!
  • The blue vase is by Rosanna Inc and I am a huge fan of her products! Luckily, she is a local and I get to go to her December wharehouse sale to shop for such goodies :)
These are just a few of my favorite things brought together to create a summer vignette! So, dig into your stash and find a few of your favorite things. You never know what you might be able to create :) Creating a vignette or styling a space should not be too much work! Keep it simple and close to your heart :)

The tea served at the party was special and local to the Pacific Northwest! Andy Hayes, the owner and founder of Plum Deluxe based in Portland, Oregon sent me some amazing tea to try out. I took to it instantly. If you are a tea lover, you have to visit The Plum Deluxe Tea Shop.

Their tea is hand-blended in small batches at their studio in Portland, Oregon, Plum Deluxe’s line of signature teas  are organic, non-gmo, vegan, and free of chemicals and sulfites and the ingredients are sourced from the Pacific Northwest where possible.

I do hope you enjoyed my little tea party :) Celebrate life's little moments and keep on smiling :)

Images: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Home Tour : Savita's Haven

Home styling and home design, when it is well done, is self expression in its truest form! It's telling your life story through the world of decor and design! Most of you reading this post are home decor enthusiasts! What is the one thing that appeals to you when you see a pretty home? For me, the most appealing thing is to see a home packed with personality! Today's home tour is a home that I connected with instantly!

There is a lot that you can tell about a space or a home by looking at it! I was fortunate enough to visit this home myself and see it through my camera lens. I have gotten to know Savita, the owner of this fabulous home, she and I have become friends! Like her home, she is full of warmth and character :)  Savita lives here with her husband and her ten year old son! 

The homeowner is rightfully the best person to talk about her home.....so take it away Savita!

"I am an art historian and art educator by training.  After having worked in various capacities as a graphic designer, art curriculum writer and curator, the last few years have almost exclusively been devoted to teaching – both adults and children on art and art appreciation. I love this phase of my life and it has by far been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that I have done.

I hesitate to pigeon hole very specifically what my design aesthetic is but I think I lean toward an eclectic and global style without following any particular trend. In my house you will find Indian Colonial furniture juxtaposed with mid-century lamps, Middle Eastern kilims, and African masks alongside my collection of Dancing Ganeshas in bronze and brass. There are lots of books, paintings, etchings and lithographs by known as well as upcoming artists interspersed with my son’s hand crafted ceramics. Special (to me) things like my son’s first pair of shoes that are bronzed and sitting on an end table or a souvenir picked up from a trip with lovely memories – that, to me, is what makes my space personal, individual and a retreat for me and my family.

In design, I believe very strongly in editing. One of my favorite quotes is from the famous French designer Coco Chanel. ”Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory." You don’t have to display all your treasures at the same time. Like each one of us, they too need to take a break and breathe. Currently, my home has a lot of greens because I am ready for Spring after a long Seattle winter! I want to have the verdant feeling outdoors as well as indoors.

What makes me smile is that when people visit my home, they say that it is warm, inviting, cozy and they can spend hours in the space. To me, that embodies everything that a home should be."

Thank you Savita!

Savita' eye catching art collection...

Every homeowner has a special corner in their home! This is Savita's study and her haven!

Thank you Savita for inviting the readers of My Dream Canvas into your lovely home!

Images: Taken by me at Savita's home and are subject to copyright!

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Home Tour Coming Your Way and An Update From My Life

How are you doing? I have a gorgeous home tour coming your way to make up for my long absences from the blog! What can I say, life gets in the way at times! I am trying to balance my life as a mommy and an entrepreneur! Running a small business is both taxing and rewarding and keeps me on my toes :)

My kids are growing up and I am trying to keep up with them. They are at an interesting age where they have so any questions! My seven year old heard her big brother talk about "saturated fats" and has decided that she needs to check the label on just about everything and discuss it with me! I am rolling my eyes here!! My almost eleven year old son is into cars, has opinions and questions about the upcoming elections and recently looked at an picture I took and said "hash tag awesome" As you can see I have my hands full :)

As a family, we have always decided to hike every Sunday! Nothing major, just family friendly hikes not too far from home! We did one this Sunday and enjoyed it immensely! I am on a spring cleaning state of mind and therefore making several trips to Goodwill the past few weeks.

That is the news at my end.....

Stop by and say hello and enjoy the week ahead!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thank you Nomadic Decorator

My little boutique "The Shop At MDC" has been a dream come true! It has been so fulfilling and gratifying to personally hunt down treasures for your homes! Recently, I heard from a loyal customer who mentioned that she has not been back to India for ten years and by buying my brass collectibles she feels closer to home! I was touched to say the least!

 Another delightful surprise came from Deb from Nomadic Decorator. Deb bought these brass tribal spoons from my store! She is a super talented lady and a wonderful source of inspiration. If you have not been following Nomadic Decorator you are missing out and you should bookmark it right away!  
Deb has used a simple and extremely effective DIY to display these striking brass spoons using a silk lined picture frame. Hop on over to her blog to view her entire post! She has a beautiful home and I am so thrilled to see the brass spoons displayed beautifully in her living room! 

 I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me in this journey. The life of a small business owner and entrepreneur is challenging and yet all of you make it all so worthwhile! 

 Thank you Deb for loving my find :) 

Images: Nomadic Decorator and subject to copyright.