Monday, May 1, 2017

Introducing "Discover Trove"

It is always exciting when I get to kick off the work week with something bold and beautiful :) Its time to introduce you to the beautiful world of Discover Trove! Trove is based in India and is the brainchild of Nayantara. A lady with immense talent, I asked her to describe her design studio in her own words....... 

Gifting has always been fun for me, and I tend to collect beautiful things that I could eventually give away. Giving the people I care about gifts that are elegant and personal is important to me. I feel good when people tell me that the things I give them are unique and not something that one would find in malls and regular shops. I decided to channel this into an enterprise that is both creative and socially responsible. A brand that creates unique and usable gifts, and that does so by giving traditional artisans access to a broader market.
The name ‘Trove’ came from a desire create a treasure chest of contemporary ethnic gift concepts, and to share it with the world "

While Trove's focus is primarily on wholesale and is still a young business, customers can get in touch with Trove through their Facebook page for individual orders. 
Trove is working working towards setting up a small retail store in Hyderabad, India! Thank you Nayantara for sharing your passion and creativity with the readers oF My Dream Canvas. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Visit Trove via Facebook and Instagram

This is just a sneak peek into their collection and a few of my favorites.....
Trove's steelware collection is amazing!!

Images: Discover Trove and subject to copyright.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Inspiration

 Hope your weekend is filled with love, laughter and sunshine :) Have a happy one!

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Introducing MuseArt

I have always admired people who can draw and create! It is a talent that requires immense patience, attention to detail and of course an inherent talent! It is a good time for handmade products these days.....don't you think? There are so many artists and designers around the world who can fill our homes with their unique style! For me, Its always a pleasure to discover their work!

Today, I am happy to introduce the work of Gauri Tripathi Jaiswal, a Bangalore-based independent artist and designer.  I stumbled upon her work on Instagram and was curious to know more!

Gauri has specialized in applied arts from India and has worked in the advertising and publication industry for many years. Currently she is pursuing her passion and focusing on on home-d├ęcor, collaborations and commissioned projects. All of these come together in the entity she is in the process of giving shape to  called MuseART. Conceptualized as a design and bespoke art space, where love and passion for all things beautiful are the source of her artistic musings and creations. 

In Gauri's words " I believe that the musings create the muse, or the muse inspires the musings... who knows! There is love and passion in creating something handmade. With deft strokes of the paint brush, every piece is uniquely handcrafted. It carries the energy of the maker and imprints of the artist’s soul."

What caught my eye were these  vintage wooden diya's (old batti oil lamps) that have been renewed and meticulously hand painted by her......

To know more about  MuseArt you can connect with them via Facebook and Instagram. 

Thank you Gauri for sharing your work with the readers of my Dream Canvas!

Images: Via MuseArt and subject to copyright!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Timeless Collection

Its no secret for those who know me that I have lifelong love affair with flea markets, auctions, thrift stores and antiques stores. In fact, going to such places is becoming a way of life for me! I buy things for my customers, my friends and of course for myself! What can I say, I have a gazillion excuses to go shopping :)

I have said this before....I like the idea that I am curating a collection that have history and soul. They add character to my home and hopefully to the homes of my clients! Call me old fashioned, but I cannot resist things that have an old word charm! Being trendy of course is fabulous.... but there are things that are stylish and have a timeless beauty and they appeal to me the most!

This vintage beauty below will be listed in my store soon! However, I have a question for you.....if this was in your home, how would you use it?

It will be fun to hear from you. please leave your comments below :) I am so excited to hear your thoughts!!

Image: My Dream Canvas