Sunday, July 5, 2015

Back From A Mini Break :)

Hello Monday and I am back :) I stepped away for a mini vacation close to home. It was filled with scenic beauty and family fun. Just the perfect vacation. My brother and his wife are visiting us from UK and its been a wonderful few days....

Here's a snapshot of one of my favorite spots in British Columbia. More will follow, till then, have a great week and keep on smiling :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bougainvillea Love :)

How are you doing? My apologies for missing in action. I have family over from England and its been super busy. We are having an incredible time! Summer is such a great time to just slow down, enjoy some family time and spend time outdoors. We are going through heat wave which I am not enjoying at all. 
Seattle is not geared up for this kind of weather and we are baking :) However, the views are gorgeous. The skies are blue, the lakes are sparkling, the days are endless....the mountains look picture perfect and the sunsets are magnificent :)

 I wanted to share a few images of this stunning 15th Anniversary party featured on Style Me Pretty!. A party with a Mexican flair and pretty bougainvilleas. I could not help but smile as I went through all the images. Do you have a flower that reminds you of a special time or special someone?? For me, bougainvilleas remind me of my childhood. I spent many years in Rajasthan and bougainvilleas were the only flowers we ever saw. The pink and red hues dazzled against the sandy backdrop. I always feel nostalgic when I see them. You can see clearly why I am drawn to the pretty vignettes and spaces below! 

What is the flower that fills your head with memories??

Images: via

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fabulous Finds Maisons du Monde

Sigh! There are so many temptations online and you can shop till you drop :) Well or at the least have fun browsing. Today, I am sharing a wonderful site filled with pretty things.  The store has a stunning collection of home decor products and accessories to liven up your space.  Maisons Du Monde is based out of France. Here are some products that caught my eye :) Trust me, there are loads more!! 

 Visit Maisons Du Monde and happy browsing!! Hope you enjoyed my Fabulous Find for this week :)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MDC Summer Series : A Renovated Spanish Farmhouse

Happy Tuesday! I have a lot on my plate these days and therefore it been hard for me to be regular with my posts. However, I have not forgotten my summer home series and this home fits that description perfectly :) 

 We are in Spain at a renovated farmhouse with my favorite elements...white washed walls, exposed beams, rustic elegance, vintage charm and just about everything I adore :) Its the little touches in a home that call out to me,  and this one oozes charm, warmth and character. 

I feel like I could step into this space and unwind instantly. A beautiful summer escape....filled with flower and light!

Images: El Mueble and subject to copyright.