Friday, September 4, 2020

Ashwini's A Cottage in the Hills

Its been over a decade of blogging, yet I am as excited today about featuring a home tour on the blog as I was on the first day :) Meeting and connecting with like minded people, nurturing virtual friendships and being part of this decor blogger community has been immensely fulfilling. 

Today, I am featuring the home of a fellow Seattle resident. It has been fun knowing Ashwini over the years. Though we have never sat down and had a long overdue cup of tea together, we have had lots of online chats :) Ashwini has a lovely home which she has decorated meticulously over time.

Warm, with oodles of charm and sophistication, her home is an absolute delight.
I asked Ashwini to describe her journey and her home in her own words. 
Here is what she has to say...

"I am a neuroscientist by the day and a mom/foodie and home décor enthusiast around the clock :)  My décor style is inspired by my Indian heritage. It  is also warm, practical and comfortable. Ever since,  I was a little girl growing up in Mumbai, I’ve seen my mom constantly decorate our house with souvenirs from our  travels and combine them with a wide variety of indoor plants. My sister and I have followed suit. We would constantly move things around, add our home-made crafts to the mix and infuse my mom’s décor with some of our creativity. Fast forward many years later, my mother-in-law’s house became another source of inspiration. Her house has a different style and includes lots of handmade embroidery by her mother, vintage pieces as well as souvenirs from their travels in India and abroad. 

Both these styles, though very different, have a single-minded purpose. They aim to create a comfortable haven for the family and reflect their personalities, culture and inner selves. For me, this also means preserving a part of India in my house. We custom remodeled our home to reflect some of the things germane to India, hand stained wooden window frames, a handmade terracotta kitchen backsplash, custom bamboo blinds and terracotta floor tiles for the temple area. My pride is my art collection. Each piece has been curated with a lot of thought and has a personal relevance. My art collection is comprised of both unique/one-of-a-kind items as well as decor items that I have accumulated from some wonderful friends on social media. To name a few, there is Anu (@mydreamcanvas) , Chandan Dubey, Meenal (@paintpotteryproducts), Rashmi (@rkrishnappa), Shruti (@thebluetrunk), Lydia (@stonehouseartifacts), Deepika (@saffronanddaisies), Arpita (@vintagevistara) and Sumedha (@hast_kari). Some retail stores that I love are The Bombay Store, WorldMarket and HomeGoods.

I also love combining vintage with modern, wood with metal and splashes of color with neutral tones. Patsy Stone had once said “One should never be the oldest thing in one’s house”. You will see this theme resonate all over my house. Each artifact in my house has a story to tell. Many pieces have experienced events and lived in a time unbeknownst to me. An example is an aarti diya I got from an old Gulbarga temple. These days I like taking silver and brass family heirlooms (mostly used for worship prviously) and repurposing them into vases. Anu has been a true inspiration for me! Logging into Instagram and seeing Anu’s stories, motivates me to be creative.  (I am so touched and honored Ashwini, thank you for the kind words).
My favorite art piece is a watercolor I commissioned from Kalpana Hebbar. It is a painting of Lord Surya with his seven horses. Typically, amongst Indian deities, Surya is not a mainstream motif when it comes to home décor. However his smiling, peaceful face and glowing colors make up for our gloomy Pacific NW weather."

Thank you Ashwini for that wonderful insight into your home. Here are some images of her home. Prepare to be amazed :)



Images: Copyright Ashwini. Follow her on Instagram for more snippets into her life and home!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Suparna's Vibrant Abode in Kolkata

2020 seems to be passing by quickly despite the global pandemic that has crippled the world. Staying indoors has made all of us into homebodies. Somehow, the comfort of home is something we can no longer take for granted. The four walls of our homes has become out safe refuge during these uncertain times. Today, I am happy to share a warm and vibrant home from India.

Suparna Deb's home is full of color and artifacts. She seems to be quite a collector. I am drawn to the various corners of her home. There is so much life and creativity in the vignettes she creates. Suparna and I clearly share a passion for fresh flowers :)

I asked Suparna to share her home and her story in a few words. 

" I am Suparna, and I am a member of Central Civil Service of India. At present I am based in Kolkata.  I am an an avid traveller, with a  love and passion for writing, heritage, history and  art and crafts. I am a storyteller and my home reflects the same :)
My favorite quote is one by Kahlil Gibran to define what home decor means to me.Your house is your larger body. It grows in the Sun and sleeps in the stillness of night, and it is not dreamless. Not only comfort your house and home decor should reflect your personality and inner self "

Beautiful words Suparna. Words I think, that resonates with all of us who are  home decor enthusiasts.  
Enjoy a peak into the corners of Suparna's delightful home. It is a kaleidoscope of colors that exudes warmth and beauty.

Thank you Suparna for sharing your lovely home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. 

Images: Copyright Suparna Deb and cannot be used without written permission.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sudha's Vibrant Home in Bangalore

Home tours on MDC have always been special for me. The homes featured here have always been a mix of styles. That is just the way I like it :) Today, I have a bold and vibrant home to share with you. Splashes of colors and an abundance of greens fill this warm and traditional home. Sudha Chegudi's home in Bangalore is spectacular. Each and every corner of her home is vying for your attention. I am particularly drawn to the plants in her home and the gorgeous brass utensils. 

Sudha invites you into her home today and describes her journey in her own words. 

"I am a garden enthusiast, wife, a mom and a total believer in sustainable and functional décor who has turned a rental “ House” into a Home. I am a Business Solution Architect by profession working in Bangalore. The world I work for, and where my heart lies are far apart. My career started with Dakshina Chitra in Chennai, a heritage museum and then I went on to work for Cottage Expositions that dealt with Indian handicrafts. A hardcore Vintage lover, I love things that have a stories, history and a character to it. The history of it intrigues me.I  had the opportunity to travel extensively in South India to source handicrafts. That is one of the reasons I’ve been bitten by the handicraft bug :)
Our home is a reflection of simple sustainable decor. We have a collection  of antiques and artifacts gathered over the years. Some old and some new. I have  never really believed in splurging and following the latest trends. I started by sharing my garden space, décor with plants, flat-lay photography on my instagram. The motive was to focus on the finer details and capture the magic that lies in it.
Most of the time, my décor comprises of roadside finds -fallen flowers, chips of wood bark or even  dry foliage. I am very unpredictable in terms of what I could use next. Life’s like that isn’t it? My personal style statement has always been heaps of vibrance and colors and that pretty much reflects our personality. I can’t handle whites or beige tones:)
I like to keep it simple and effective. That is my personal mantra.
Some days it’s brass, and on another day it is ceramic or a mix of both. They don’t necessarily have a format and don’t have to co-ordinate. I love anything Indian! Most of the things in my home are travel finds, souvenirs or from flea markets and gifts that friends bring over. I also like textures and patterns of fabric from different states in India.  don’t really follow a plan while decorating. My main objective is to make our home inviting and stress free . “Going out of fashion” doesn’t exist in my world of  décor. Some days there are framed fabrics that go up the wall, a vintage tiffin carrier becomes a lampshade, along with doodles and paintings made by the siblings, a Kanchi cotton saree border adorns a rose wood mirror frame and so on...
 I love having plants and bright natural light around me. Almost all my furniture are from thrift stores or seconds sale. This is a conscious effort on our part.
I can handle clutter and chaos, but I can’t handle a spic and span museum like house with no life and warmth in it. The warmth is what draws my family and friends back to our home .....and that is the feeling which pretty much sums up my vision of my ideal home."

Thank you Sudha. I love the way you have described your home. Authenticity in decorating our homes is what keeps it unique and personal. 

Follow Sudha on Instagram for lovely updates on her home.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Happiness is Homemade So Let’s Go Find It :)

 I am a sentimental fool and I am quite happy being one :) I am very zealous and protective when it comes to my family and I love preserving it scraps of paper, frayed photographs, heirlooms and so much more. Every trip back to India, I insist on working on some project or the other related to the past! It keeps everyone including my parents on their toes :) During this lockdown,I have dedicated even more time to this passion of mine!! While there is lots to do, I have made a few strides that I am proud of. 

I think along the same lines about my decor. I want our home to be a visual collage of our memories, our life and our roots! Do you believe that authenticity works in home decor? I would like to think so and highly recommend it. I think trend, styles, fashion, fads...... whatever you call it has a very limited shelf life. It is always refreshing to come across a home that is not trying to prove something. Many of us share a common desire to keep a beautiful home. However, the key is not to get too swept away by the plethora of fascinating ideas and trends of the design world :)

Maintaining or decorating a house should not feel like pressure. I cannot speak for others but my blog is merely a platform to share my thoughts and present you with a selection of pretty things and interesting ideas. However, I would humbly like to believe that it is also a happy place for you to stop by:) A place which leaves you energized to create, enjoy and appreciate the little things you surround yourself with.

Appreciate the beauty around you and on my blog :-) but be the person you naturally are. Find the beauty and the desire to create within "YOU". Thank you for stopping by. It has been a decade of blogging for me, and its your constant support that has given MDC this longevity. Life in general this year, seems to be throwing a lot of punches, yet, we all have to bond together, stay calm and find some peace and happiness doing the little things. 

Today, I am finding happiness seeing these pretty flowers on my table. I picked them up on my walk over the weekend. I feel a sense of happiness and belonging when I step into my home and I wish the same for you. Happiness is truly homemade. So go find it :)

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