Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tea Time With Maryam The Illustrator

I am having lots of fun with the " Tea Time" series on My Dream Canvas and I hope you are too:) My inbox has been filled with tea time pictures that make me smile :) I am getting to know people from all over the world who share a common passion for chai :)  I am thrilled to introduce you to Maryam on the blog today. Maryam is based in India and is an illustrator and artist. I have spent the last two days reading her blog and admiring her illustrations. 

Maryam is truly multi-talented and in her words " My blog is my little corner in the world that is like completely mine, away from my duties as an Army wife and mother of two hyperactive boys. I am a children's book and fashion illustrator, a newbie potter and a BIG time foodie. I love trying out new recipes and experimenting them on my ever ready family-who relish everything (well almost) that I put on their plates"

As you can clearly see we also made a connection because of her being an army wife and me being an army brat :)

Here is Maryam's cup of tea and her beautiful tea time watercolor which she made a while back. 

Here is a preview of Maryam's work. You can connect with her via her blog and on Facebook.

Thank you Maryam for sharing your cup of tea with me and the readers of My Dream Canvas!

Images: Maryam Hasanahmad and subject to Copyright!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tea Time With Nirmala in Seattle and Kunjan in San Francisco!

Today we are sharing tea time stories with two lovely ladies. Kunjan Chabra is a fellow blogger and avid reader of My Dream Canvas. In Kunjan's words " I am a Delhi girl who now lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco. An avid lover of colors, I thrive on pattern and textures all around me. I blog at An Affair With Color.

I have been drooling over this lovely tea tray and its pretty evident that Kunjan is a fellow chai lover :) 

Warm and inviting..............

Nirmala needs very little introduction. Her home tour on MDC is one of the most popular home tours on my blog. A fellow chai lover, I have known Nirmala for a few years now. She is an incredibly talented lady. Her home is filled with pretty things, she is also a DIY enthusiast and is extremely artistic.

In her words" Chai is my favorite beverages of all! My day like most of us has to start with a cup of tea, I particularly enjoy it all alone in my favorite spot on the couch by the window. The energy that I get from that one cup is enough to last for a few hours. Tea time gets even more special during weekends when I have my favorite chai companion, my husband around. We take  ten minute tea breaks by the kitchen island in the middle of a busy day. We particularly enjoy our chai in Kulhads (terracotta cups). It gets even more special when we have rain joining us…......which is most of the times in Seattle"

Nirmala's tea time looks pretty and exotic....I love the Moroccan tea glasses :)

Thank you ladies for inviting us for tea :)

Image 1 and 2: Kunjan Chabra, Images 3 and 4 : Nirmala Iyer and subject to copyright.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tea Time With Manju of Mirch Masala

Our very first cup of tea is with Manju Mahadevan right here in Seattle. Manju is an absolute foodie, fellow blogger, chai lover and a virtual friend! I hope to meet her someday soon :) Her blog Mirch Masala is a treat and has the most awesome recipes. I am also a big fan of Manju's food photography. 

In Manju's words " I love cooking, eating and feeding my family with good food as much as eating out around the town. Fashion, travel and wine lover...... Obsessed with planning and making lists - it could be anything, the next party, the next travel plan, restaurants to eat, food to cook, things to buy........ changing the decor of the house or purses and shoes to buy (shh!)"

You can see why I made a connection :)

You are going to love me for introducing you to her very popular website and you can connect with Mirch Masala on Facebook.

Here's a sneak peek into what's in store for you on her blog. Mouthwatering and beautiful.....don't you think?

Thank you Manju for sharing your cup of tea with the readers of My Dream Canvas :)

Images: Manju Mahadevan of Mirch Masala and subject to copyright.

Tea Time Around The World Part 1

I am thrilled to kick start the "Tea Time" series on My Dream Canvas. Today, I am sharing a cup of tea from my home.  For me, a cup of tea is the much needed fuel to get me to start my day :) Its usually a pretty tall cup! I have to admit that on most mornings Mr MDC makes it for me :) I am usually packing the kids lunch in the morning......and running around so I appreciate all the help I can get!! My morning "cuppa" is pretty easy, I love my Earl Grey tea bag:)

My ideal tea time moment would involve a good book. However, these days I am not reading a whole lot ! I need to rectify that immediately. My tea collection includes a variety of tea cups. There is nothing matching or symmetrical in my collection! I have started buying tea cups as souvenirs and this particular one is from Mexico. The brownie is from a friend who makes the most fabulous desserts :) The tea coasters are a gift from my sister in law in UK. She and my brother know me rather well..... and they give me the most awesome gifts :) I bought the book box in the image from HomeGoods. It is actually a storage box with the names of all the classics I grew up reading.

I do hope you have enjoyed joining me for tea at the MDC casa. Stay tuned..... as we head to another home here in Seattle for a cup of tea. I promise to begin in Seattle and end up around the world, sipping endless cups of chai :)

Image: My Dream Canvas