Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Festive Series Part 3 : My Favorite Designer :)

With Diwali a few days away, my days are getting really busy! I have been neck deep in cleaning up the house and I am finally making progress :) For me, a Diwali mood board has to include the work of my friend and artist Chandan Dubey! While many of you are familiar with her work, her dedication and passion for restoration is truly remarkable! In my opinion Chandan's  designs can blend in perfectly with any decor! 

Her latest collection of limited edition pillows are a true delight! Vintage jewelry, vintage lace, got patti, luxurious fabric and intricate detailing makes these pillows a collectors item!

You have to bookmark Chandan Dubey Photography +  to know more about her one of a kind creations!

How is your Diwali prep coming along? My next project is my table setting for a Diwali dinner and I am totally confused :)

Spread love, light and happiness around you this Diwali!!

Images: Chandan Dubey Photography+ and subject to copyright!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Festive Series Part 2 : Sabyasachi and Pottery Barn

I cannot help but include this collection in my Festive Series! My two favorite brands, the Indian designer Sabyasachi and Pottery Barn have collaborated to bring out a curated collection of home accessories! I have drooled over numerous Sabyasachi outfits and of course, I adore everything about Pottery Barn:)

Sabyasachi's unique design sensibilities has led to the creation of a global and vintage inspired decor collection that is truly one of a kind!

Are you tempted?

Images via Pottery Barn and subject to copyright!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Festive Series Part 1 : Designer Ayush Kejriwal

Hello there! With Diwali a few weeks away, I am going to kick off the Festive season with a series of special posts. These are going to be a series of what I like to call my "Diwali Mood boards" :) These posts will hopefully be inspiring and a fun way to make this season extra special. So please respond with your  comments and share ideas so that we can make this a spectacular Diwali :) 

Read along  as this is going to be a long and special post :)

If someone was to ask me what is my biggest passion when it comes to decorating my home, I would have to say that it's sentimentality! Personalizing my decor, makes me feel connected to my space! I don't follow trends, I follow my dreams, my roots, and my love for all things vintage and antique :) I have always maintained that in decor one should never be confined to a set of rules. So here's my tip for the day! Go with your heart and let your instinct guide you so every nook and cranny of your home reflects your unique personality.

I don't follow trends when it comes to clothes as well. At my brother's wedding, I chose to wear my Grandmothers lahenga (wedding outfit). I have been in love with the outfit since I was a little girl.  It meant a lot to me and I thought my brother's wedding was a fantastic occasion to wear it.  The lahenga embodies the elegance and intricate workmanship which is hard to find these days! I convinced my mother and my aunt that it was going to be perfect and they agreed.  This became a fun project and we spent a fair amount of time and energy to find the right person to restore the nearly 90 year old outfit! It was a labor of love.  By the end of it, we could have bought something new for the amount of money we spent on it but it wouldn't have been the same.

I have been following the UK based designer Ayush Kejriwal for a while on Instagram. When I came across his work, it brought back the wonderful memories of restoring my Grandmother's lahenga. I felt as if I had discovered a  trunk in the attic filled with my Grandmother's beautiful clothes that are truly one of a kind! :) His designs really speak to me! His outfits are artistic and timeless in their appeal. 

His clothes are an ode to the bygone era where all that mattered was beauty and simplicity! To quote him "Yes, I don't live in India but that does not mean that I don't appreciate its beauty. The culture and aesthetics are so beautiful that I feel I have no right to change or modernize it. Hence, I just make simple, boring old style clothes keeping the ethos intact. It's like developing an old black and white film in color. It's like magic. Don't you think?"

Ayush is being incredibly modest. His style is far from boring. It is absolutely fabulous! Those of you who know me well, will understand why I am so besotted by his style :) I made an instant connection!! The clothes, the models, the make up and the jewelry all resonate with me. 

We all have our own personal style, be it in clothes or in decor! Don't be afraid to bring it out and let it shine. Sharing a lovely quote which is my decor mantra " Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date" I  do hope you have enjoyed this first post in my Festive series for Diwali.

Ayush Kejriwal is based in Glasgow, UK and you can contact him via WhatsApp at +447840384707 and email him at designerayushkejriwal@hotmail.com or ayushk@hotmail.co.uk and connect via Facebook For updates and endless eye candy and inspiration follow him on Instagram : designerayushkejriwal
    The best part is that Ayush Kejriwal ships his stunning designs worldwide. Happy shopping :)

    My home brings me joy and I wish the same for you. Enjoy the season and stay tuned for the second post in my Festive Series :)

    Images: Ayush Kejriwal and subject to copyright

    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    A Boho Porch Makeover

    Hello there! We are getting ready to face the biggest windstorm in almost a decade here in the Pacific Northwest. I can hear the rain coming down as I sit by my window! The wind will surely blow the  autumn leaves off the trees around me! I shall miss the myriad hues.....the crimson, rust and golden leaves will slowly disappear as the wind lashes against them.

    I am prepping my home for Diwali ( The Festival of Lights) and I am excited :)  I am adding layers and a few new colors into the mix ! The pictures will be up in a few more days. With the stormy weather outside  today.......I am drawn towards this warm and cozy boho porch by Laura Mazurek. 

    She has done a brilliant job. I especially like the warm and earthy tones. This space is pretty and has a relaxed vibe! I want to curl up here with a good book and a cup of tea! 

    Sheer bliss!

    That rug......

    Love this teacup :)

    What's your favorite element in this space?

    Images: via and subject to copyright