Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Monsoon Morning At Serendipity Delhi

Today, on MDC, I am taking you on a visual treat! I promise you that this is one post you don't want to miss:) I was in India earlier this year, and one rainy morning, I made my way to Serendipity to meet its lovely and welcoming owner Kuldeep.

Serendipity is housed in an old haveli with a beautiful courtyard. Once in a complete state of despair, this property has been painstakingly restored and is now a unique lifestyle store! Kuldeep's immense experience in design and her artistic eye has created a masterpiece! The journey for Kuldeep began in 2014 when Serendipity was created with the help of her brother and a partner.

 I had fun chatting with Kuldeep over a glass of lemonade. We both reminisced about our “fauji” backgrounds and our mutual love for Rajasthan :) Kuldeep mentioned that Serendipity came about quite by accident, and was an experiment to begin with. I am so glad Kuldeep took the chance and turned her dream to reality for this is a brick and mortar store like none other :)

 As I walked around, I was completely mesmerized by all the pretty things in the store! What  really stood out for me, was how everything was displayed. The setting was perfect, the grandiose home...... with its rooms strung along the courtyard. The bougainvilleas and the pretty plants swaying in the breeze, the whitewashed walls with the lovely windows in colored glass.....I could go on and on....

Global and Eclectic is how I would describe the treasures at Serendipity! Beautifully curated, there are antique and period furnishings, one a a kind textiles from around the world, unique artifacts, exquisite clothing, vintage decor.

Serendipity has a lovely rooftop cafe and also hosts autumn festivals, literary and artistic events and musical evenings.  If you are ever in Delhi, make sure you pencil in a date with Serendipity in your calender. Thank you Kuldeep once again for a lovely morning and the pretty gift :)

For now, do enjoy some of my images from my visit earlier this year.....

Images  My Dream Canvas and subject to Copyright!

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Modern Bohemian Farmhouse

Hello there!! We are celebrating Thanksgiving and the long weekend here in the United States! This holiday has been fun and tiring for me! It has been wonderful having some family time and the kids have been chatting and playing endlessly :) It feels nice to get away from the routine in our everyday life!

I am loving my new floors and I have to sheepishly admit that I have been changing stuff around and buying some new furniture. A few things I owned, now do look a wee bit dated!!  I do have some on my old favorites which are here to stay! I don't think, I will ever be a minimalist, but I do want a cleaner look in my home!

It is going to take me a while to get everything in place but I am in no rush. I am taking my time and enjoying the process :)

Today, I am sharing images of a home that I really like! I look at this home and instantly feel comfortable. I think that speaks volumes and is such a wonderful vibe to exude. As a homeowner, you can have the prettiest things around you but what makes it extra special is how it makes you and your guests feel. To me some overdressed homes feel pretentious, like they are trying to hard!! My ideal space is a blend of comfort and style. Surprisingly, that is not always easy to achieve.

Lauren Peelman's home has the look of a modern, bohemian farmhouse! It is a blend of styles but it all seems to come together effortlessly. The home has neutral walls, vintage accents, succulents and mud cloth pillows! Pretty much all the things I love :) I like how it is open, airy and bright......all with a lovely boho twist!!

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely home? Do you have a favorite element?

Here's wishing you a great week ahead! Have fun decorating your home....connect the dots in your own unique way and you are sure to have a winner!!

Images: Design Lauren Peelman, Photography Erin Northcutt via Style Me Pretty.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Crush: Wooden Elements

Hello there!! Do you have a recent design crush ? I would love to hear about it. I am happy to share mine:) Recently, I have been obsessed with wooden elements in a design space. If its reclaimed wood then even better:) I am so taken in by the simple, yet effective way wood and wooden props can add beauty to a space. In my mind, it makes the space look warm, organic and makes all the colors around it pop!  Here are a few lovely images where wooden elements have been added to the decor! 

Do you like this look ? I hope I have managed to shake off your Monday blues with these images :) Here's wishing you a lovely week ahead.....

In this space the simple tray on the coffee table does the trick...

This wooden 'love' sign is delightful :)

The perfect Fall vignette on this distressed rustic wood table looks so dreamy....

The neutral wooden end table is a perfect fit in this bright and classy space!

The wooden stool looks adorable with all the house plants....

This rustic wooden dresser makes me want to grab it right out of my laptop screen :)

Images: via and subject to copyright.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Beautifully Curated home in Kerala, India

There are some images that simply make you smile. The warmth and beauty of the space lingers in your mind long after you have moved on to other things. This bright and beautiful vignette does that for me :)

Today we are traveling to Kerala, India to visit a delightful home filled with carefully curated accents.

Bindu Joseph's home is a visual treat! Every corner is immaculate and beautifully styled. Here is Bindu's haven described to me in her own words: 

 "I live in Kerala with my husband and three kids. We live in our ancestral home.  While we have made some renovations to suit our style and needs most of the architecture has remained the same! I like to keep my home visually beautiful and practical at the same time. My curios and artifacts have been collected over a period of time. They comprise of  some online purchases and  souvenirs from our travels. A clutter free and visually appealing  home in keeps me positively motivated at all times.  My style is a combination of English colonial, French architecture and of course traditional Indian. It is a complete amalgamation of very distinct styles with my own touch. I love plants and color. I believe colors have a way of touching hearts."

Thank you Bindu for sharing your lovely haven with the readers of MDC. Your passion and your keen eye gives your home a lovely vibe.  

Enjoy the view folks.....

 Her cute kitchen.......

Outdoor living.....

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All Images Copyright Bindu Joseph