Monday, April 16, 2018

Inspiring Interiors on MDC

A picture is more than a thousand words and this one certainly is!! I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this lovely image of a SoHo loft in New York. The faded elegance and the distressed patina of the brick wall, to the beautiful fiddle leaf plant to the lovely pop of color against the white chair......there is so much to love!

To know more about this exquisitely curated home and its talented owners click here!  What are some of your favorite elements from the three spaces featured below? My list is endless but I would love to know yours :)

Here's wishing you a very Happy Monday and an awesome week ahead!! Stay tuned for a regular series called Inspiring Interiors right here on MDC!!

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Showers & A Lovely Weekend

I wish my weekend could look as dreamy as this.......alas I have tonnes of spring cleaning to do and we are heading for some stormy weather as well.  However, I can certainly wish you a lovely weekend filled with magic and some day dreaming.....

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Birthday Sale At The "Shop At My Dream Canvas"

Hello there! On March 2nd 2009 is when I published my first ever post on My Dream Canvas :) Its been an incredible nine years! I did not want March to slip away without celebrating this milestone. I am offering a 15 percent discount on everything at The Shop At My Dream Canvas till the end of the month. Please use the discount code MDC15 at checkout.

Thank you with all my heart :)

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Springtime Inspiration

Hello There! I have come out of hibernation to welcome Spring to MDC :) Its been a while since I wrote a post however, I do hope you have been following my daily updates on Instagram. It is end March and Spring is at my doorstep waiting to come in :) 
The barren trees make way for the pretty green leaves .....the lovely sight of flower buds getting ready to bloom......longer days.....sunnier much to look forward to! 

On the home front, does your house get a spring makeover? For me, it is not really a makeover, but I do move things around to get a new look for the season. My color for this season is aqua and grey. It has been a favorite for a while but it seems to pop up more as I welcome Spring :-) I shall post pictures here very soon.

 I do tend to update my home to welcome the new season. Each space in my home has a few permanent elements and some that are temporary. For this reason I am very partial to a neutral palette for my furniture and my walls. I only need to change the pillows, add some plants and a few accessories to give the room a new look! For Winter and Fall I like everything warm and cozy with a lot of layers. For Spring and Summer I like to remove the extra rugs on the floor, reduce the accessories and try and make the space look more breezy and open! 

I strive towards making "my casa" clean, refreshing, light and tranquil. I am trying to attack the clutter in my home. It is taxing work but rewarding. While, I am trying to clean the home on the surface, I am also attacking my closets, shelves and drawers :) Sigh! I am going to be working for a long long time.....

Do you have some ideas on how to effortlessly transition into spring?

For now, I want you to simply gaze at these delightful images to set the mood for Spring :)

Have a good week and see you around!

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