Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Eclectic Home In Brooklyn

Hello All! If the image above has caught your eye and you want to delve deeper, check out this lovely home in Brooklyn. This is an interesting home with eye catching details, patterns and textures. As the owner says It takes a story, after all, to create a storybook home."

Click here to view pictures of the home via Lonny.

Photography by Gieves Anderson. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Serendipity Delhi: A Festival of Art, Design and Music

Good morning all! I have been fortunate the past few years to have been in Delhi for Diwali a few times. The kids were younger so it was easy to pull them out of school. The babies are growing up now and its getting harder! So alas, I am not heading to good old Dilli this winter!

I love all the melas and bazaar's in Delhi this time of the year. However, I promise to let you "Dilliwalas" know of some of them which catch my eye :) Also, if you are travelling there during this time, then please don' miss out :)

Here is one being hosted at Serendipity Delhi. Some of my favorite designers are going to be there....sigh....you lucky people.....enjoy!! Connect with them via Facebook for more details!

Have a wonderful Festive Season and stay tuned for my festive posts!!

Image: Copyright Serendipity Delhi

Friday, October 2, 2015

MDC's Antique Bazaar

My Dream Canvas is ready to roll out its "Antique Bazaar". I am a big fan of antique stores and flea markets and I am looking forward to sharing my finds with you:) 
 The Shop At My Dream Canvas will primarily feature a collection of items sourced from India and around the world. The Antique Bazaar on the other hand are my finds from local antique stores and flea markets. What can I say, I love a treasure hunt:) I hope you will like what you see!! Every few weeks, I shall highlight one product from the Bazaar. 

This week's find is this pair of brass flower vases. Intricately carved with a stamp that says  "made in India", these vases are in excellent condition. Grab them while you can, we just have the one pair :) Click HERE for details!

I can't wait to share my other finds:) Here's wishing you a Happy Friday!!

Image: My Dream Canvas

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Mountains Beckon

 Good Morning All! Its a new week and an exciting one at My Dream Canvas. I am sharing a quote I recently read, " Travelling is something that leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller."

Fall has come to my neck of the woods. Sunday was a picture perfect Autumn day and we drove up into the mountains. We reached in the afternoon and the sun was shining on the mountainside. The light made everything look magical as it shone on the huckleberries. The crimson hues against the  backdrop of the evergreen trees made it all so dramatic!

These quick trips away from the realities of everyday life always recharges me! 

I am thrilled with the response to the Festive Collection at my online store. I am also working on an "MDC Antique Bazaar" and will share the details with you shortly. I can promise that it will be interesting and exciting!!

Have a good week and keep on smiling :)

Images: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright.