Monday, January 22, 2018

Boho Inspiration To Shake Off The Monday Blues.....

Seattle has been grey the past few days! While this is my 12th year in this city and its definitely home, every few weeks in the winter, I have a meltdown and want to move to a place with more sunshine. Then as if on cue, the sun appears for a day or for a few hours. In my mind, it is simply to appease me:) It works and I  move on :)  Next month we are heading out for a desert vacation to Sedona and Palm Springs and I am looking forward to soaking up all the sunshine I can get!

As I woke up to another grey Monday morning today, I felt the need to do a happy and bright post. Ogling at dreamy boho spaces seems like the perfect way to fight off the Monday blues.  I have picked out a few images to share with you today from my inspiration folder. By the way, I am having a mid life decor crisis :) I have ordered a blue couch for my family room and its arriving tomorrow. Picking  a bold color is way out of my comfort zone, as I am more into neutrals!!  I am nervous, excited and anxious :)  I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that it fits in well with my decor.

 Have a fantastic week ahead and see you back here soon....

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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Story of A Secluded Cottage And Its Adventurous Owner

I glanced upon this dreamy image below and absolutely loved it. It somehow reminds me of the rainy, brooding beauty of the Pacific Northwest. In my mind, a cottage on the Puget Sound on a rainy afternoon would look like something like this! To my surprise, this is actually a secluded waterfront cottage halfway around the world in Tasmania. 

On another note, I worked for the Australian Tourism board and made multiple trips to Australia but alas could never make it to Tasmania. Its something I regret deeply and I know I want to make it there someday!

While the image above is utterly captivating, the story of the owner and her home is even more fascinating. Sarah Andrews embarked on a journey ten years ago which led her to this charming cottage. It sounds like a plot of a thrilling film. Her journey to get to this cottage is a must read! Sarah ventured on a solo journey across the Pacific Ocean in her boat from Mexico to Australia. I quote  the writer who tells her story "One dark night, in the middle of the ocean, a harrowing storm caught up with her and sunk the boat she called home. “[I] got very lucky and was eventually picked up by the Mexican navy — sounds like a tall tale but it’s all true,” Sarah confirms the incredible turn of events"
Since that fateful night at sea, Sarah has spent years looking for ways to replace that boat and the unparalled feeling of seclusion and being one with the water. “There’s no greater feeling than living on the water, surrounded by those who are living a life cast off from society,” she explains. One day, flicking through a magazine, Sarah spotted a little Tasmanian cottage that was up for sale. She knew in an instant that it was the home that she had been looking for all those years"

To learn more about Sarah and her painstaking restoration of this heritage cottage click here! For me, its like the movie Under The Tuscan Sun where the home and the owner are simply meant to come together :) This is even more exciting as its real!!

In Captains Rest, Sarah has finally found what she was looking for all these years — an escape by the water, a haven from the storms, and a place to call home. —Sofia

I believe that a home is what you make of it. The brick and mortar means nothing "as is" but means everything if you connect with it. While, a home is all about the people who live in it, I do think some spaces call out to you more than others. I have been living in my current home for nearly 12 years now! Surprisingly, from the moment I set foot in my home for the first time, it was just one room that appealed to me instantly! My family room with the green belt behind it. The rest of it mattered very little :) My home is far from perfect and yet it has been my sanctuary all these years. If the walls could talk, it would speak of my high and lows, my memories and my hopes and dreams. 

I am a dreamer by heart and Sarah's story is truly a dream come true :) Be adventurous, dream a little and seek out what you are looking might just be waiting for you :)

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Take a trip to the Captains Rest as you can rent this cottage and dream away:)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hello January 2018

From my home to yours......warm wishes for the New Year!!

I am just popping in to say a quick Hello to all of you! I cannot believe that another year is almost over! 2017 has been eventful! Its been challenging on the personal front with many highs and lows! It is definitely a year that will stay with me forever! My children are growing up quickly and I am trying to keep pace :) They are 12 and 9 and keep me amused, exasperated, and entertained :)

I have a lot of stuff lined up for My Dream Canvas in the New Year! Personally, 2018 is going to be a landmark year for me! I have a few dreams to fulfill and a few challenges to meet! I hope I don't lose steam as I move forward:)

For all those of you who stop by here,.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My blog and my small online business is one of my biggest strengths. MDC continues to be a beautiful journey and a dream come true. I owe it all to you all!

Thank you! Love and hugs Anu

Monday, December 18, 2017

Eclectic Living in Wisconsin

When a home comes together beautifully like this one and every niche has a story to tell..... I absolutely love  it! I have always been inclined towards homes with an  eclectic flair. I bookmarked this home to share with you as I was drawn to many elements in this space!

This delightful home is in Wisconsin and belongs to Megan Schlachtenhaufen and her family. Her home is vibrant and cozy. A boho abode mixed with a touch of modern. A DIY addict and a lady with a green thumb, her creativity spills into every corner of her home! The unique wall hangings on the walls in her home are created by Megan herself. 

Prepare to be swept away by..............

Do you have a favorite design feature you love from her home? 

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