Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Entertain MDC Style!

It is the Festive season and My Dream Canvas is completely heard up for it :) For a limited time MDC brings you a limited edition of tablets and trivets for your home! Bright, bold and Beautiful, these accessories will add drama and charm to your table setting! Diwali , Thanksgiving or Christmas entertain in style with these lovely products!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Autumn and Apples At MDC

Hello All! Its been a while and Autumn has come my part of the world! I love this time of the year! Its crisp and beautiful....the sun has a golden light...the leaves turn rust, gold and brown......they rustle in the breeze and quietly flutter down to the ground below....there are orange pumpkins all around and everything seems to sparkle :) Okay, I am getting a wee bit carried away, but I can't help but clap my hands in glee :)

In Washington State the harvest season brings with it Apples galore! They are everywhere, ripe and ready to be plucked! I enjoy watching them hanging off the trees. They look so pretty and perfect :) We are fortunate that we get to see all this beauty just a short drive from home!

I am sharing a few pictures from my camera........

A host of golden trees!

To pick or not to pick :)

Sunflowers sparkling in the sun :)

Sigh! It felt good to take a mini break.....I felt like I was thousands of miles away........

Thank you all you lovely people for the fantastic response to the new collection at The Shop At My Dream Canvas. Make sure you drop by as there are treasures that await you :)

Keep on Smiling and have a Happy Monday.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fabulous Finds : LOLA Y TULA

I love pretty things especially for the home :) So, when I stumble upon a site that has a array of gorgeous stuff... I am a happy gal! I have travelled to Mexico a couple of times and have always been fascinated with its rich culture and traditions. 

Lola Y Tula is a site dedicated to the legacy of two Grandmothers! Gardenia, the Grand daughter has created a store to honor and remember their legacy and spirit. You can read the entire story here.
I love the personal story of Lola Y Tula ! All the items in the store are handpicked by Gardenia. In her words "These items are more than just products, but precious gifts that tell a story of the hands who made them, that champion different regions of folk art in Mexico"

This is just a peak into what Lola Y Tula offers......

I am finding it hard to pick a favorite :)

Images: Lola Y Tula and subject to copyright.

Monday, September 12, 2016

My Trip To Haveli Dharampura

The first time I heard of Haveli Dharampura I was intrigued! From the time I reached Delhi, I knew I had to take out time to see this haveli for myself! I made reservations for lunch at their restaurant not knowing what to expect.

As I meandered around trying to find this place in the chaos and confusion of Chandni Chowk, I was feeling sorry for my mom and aunt who I had dragged them along on my adventure:) It was a hot and humid day and it was threatening to rain. By then, I was really not sure if this was such a good idea!

However, as I stepped into this restored haveli, I was completely charmed! I knew that the haveli had been restored over 6 long years! After a fabulous meal at the restaurant, I asked if we could walk around and see the place! I was pleasantly surprised as we were given an escort who meticulously showed us around the entire property!  I remember him telling us how hard it was to bring building materials into the narrow lanes outside the haveli. Given how beautifully it has been restored, I applaud the vision and perseverance of all those who worked tirelessly to get it to look like this! What struck me the most, is how it has stayed true to its original style. A crumbling relic that is now a lovely oasis in the heart of "Purani Dilli "

These are a few pictures I took with my phone while we were there......

If you are ever in Delhi make sure you stop by Haveli Dharampura, I can guarantee that you enjoy the experience :)

The beautiful courtyard.......

The restaurant where we dined........

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