Thursday, April 11, 2024

See Oahu's North Shore (the MDC way)


“Hawaii is an amazing place and every time I come here, I discover something new. This trip we found a picturesque bay which would have been hard to discover if not for detailed instructions by a kind local. I happily spent a few minutes in a Farmer's Market talking to a local couple who had visited India in the 90’s. They had traveled extensively through out the country. His favorite experiences was visiting the Meenakshi temple in Madurai, the Carnatic music halls in Chennai and a trip to Barmer in Rajasthan 😊 He loved RK Narayan books and Satyajit Ray movies. It was fascinating talking to them😊.

I read this somewhere and it sums up what I would say if I had to suggest what to do in Oahu. ”I tried to follow a map, but then I realized... it's much more fun getting lost in paradise." 🗺️😉 So all you mainland folks coming here, step beyond Waikiki and I promise you, an entire magical island awaits! Here are some typical pictures of a day in the North shore. You will find cute little food trucks, intriguing store fronts, and adventurous surfers 🏄 waiting for the next big wave. Find the secret coves and picturesque bays, eat the freshest fruit that you have ever had and look out for the turtles prancing around in the water close to the shore! All this and so much more…......

For my readers, my sincere apologies for my infrequent blogging. I promise to do better. So stick with me please!!  For daily updates follow us on Instagram

My top North Shore spots : 

1. Vist the historic surf town of Haleiwa

2. Eat at the numerous foof trucks in North Shore

3. Visit Laniakea beach to see Honu (turtles)

4. Eat fresh fruit from the farm stand at Kuilima Farms

5.Go on an adventure to Kawela Bay and find the Banyan tree prominently featured in the "Lost" series

6. Grab shave ice from Matsumoto Shave Ice

7. Shop for beach themed merchandise from Soha Living

8. Stop by the Sunrise Shack for the best acai bowls and cute pictures.


Monday, April 25, 2022

Wailuku, Hawaii and the story of a table runner that I couldn't resist!

Wow!! Hello there! I am embarrassed to say its been more than a year since my last post. It is something, I hope to rectify. I will strive to be more regular with my posts. 

It is funny how a simple thing like a table runner inspired me to return to blogging :) There is a small story about how this runner came home with me. I love shopping local when I am on vacation. Somehow, the busy souvenir shops and the high end retailers near fancy resorts hold very little appeal for me. I have nothing against them but I enjoy the small local stores and farmers/flea markets way more. 

We were recently on a trip to Maui. This was our second trip back there and I had made a list of some of the towns that I wanted to visit. I had read an article about Wailuku at the base of the West Maui mountains. Often overlooked by tourists, Wailuku is slowly emerging as a cultural and culinary town and is going through an interesting revival. We were in fact told by one of the shopkeepers that she was impressed by the fact that we made it there and that we were truly off the beaten track :)

We browsed a few shops and one of them had some art work but was also selling fresh flowers. A lady came by to pick up the most dazzling display of fresh flowers. We got chatting and she told us to walk with her to see her store. We went along and entered a delightful looking gallery. The gallery was impressive and she introduced us to her husband who was the artist. Christine‘s husband Philip Sabado was born and raised on the tiny island of Molokai. He studied art in California and years later moved back to Hawaii. He now has a studio in Wailuku. It was a delight chatting with the couple. The artwork in the gallery was amazing !! Christine mentioned how during the pandemic she decided to use his artwork to create textiles and especially table linen. I was intrigued. Lately, I have become obsessed with the taro plant after seeing it in a local shop in the Seattle area. Their giant green leaves have stolen my heart. I am waiting impatiently for my local nursery store to get some taro plants. While it is going to be a challenge to grow it in the Pacific Northwest weather, I am certainly going to give it a go :) It was truly love at first sight when I glanced upon this runner with the taro leaves. 

I bought the runner and l love seeing it on my table back home. Shopping for me is all about the experience and about meeting and interacting with locals. I will never forget how a random exchange at another store led us to this gallery. A memorable conversation combined with meeting the artist made this shopping experience truly one of a kind!!

I do hope you enjoyed this story of how this runner came into my life :-) Do stop by Sabado Art Hawaii. if you are ever in Maui, you will not regret it. Our conversation with the artist and his wife was as engaging as the art itself. Interacting with them, one felt how liberating it must be to truly follow your passion and make a career of it!

I am sure a lot of you have interesting stories that go with something you bought. I would love for you to share your story with me :-) Drop me a comment and let me know.

Thank you for your patience and for coming back to My Dream Canvas :)

Images: Copyright My Dream Canvas

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Maadhumita's Curated Abode in Singapore

I am delighted to begin my first post of the year 2021 with a Home Tour. Maadhumita's Mukherjee's home in Singapore  evokes an old world charm  that is infused with an impeccable personal style. It is like walking into a beautifully curated space with the most delightful accessories. 

It is a warm and elegant home, well layered with textures and patterns that all blend together perfectly.  I asked Maadhumita to describe her style in her own words so here goes.

"We have been away from India for the last 35 years, but my heart and soul are still there. My love for antiques or vintage items came from growing up in colonial homes on the outskirts of Kolkata. Those were huge bungalows with wooden staircases, verandas with balustrades and filled with polished teakwood furniture. Scouting for old teakwood furniture is my passion. I have brought home many old broken-down pieces of furniture and restored them. My four-poster Burma teak bed is an antique which I picked up from one of the shops selling old furniture in Kolkata. The city used to be a haven for old furniture but nowadays it’s difficult to get genuine pieces.  Despite that, I still browse the shops, scouting for vintage artifacts. Vintage things appeal to me. The walls of my home are covered with paintings and unique traditional pieces like framed prabhavalis. These artworks create a focal point and give the room a finished look. Artworks can be photographs, simple fabrics that are framed or even children’s drawings. They don’t need to be expensive. 

My husband and I started collecting quite early. We used to buy artworks of unknown artists who are quite famous now. Only later did I go for more well-known contemporary artists from Bengal. Fresh flowers and indoor plants give my home a fresh look. 

I have learned a lot from my mother. She was a big inspiration. She used to keep a beautiful home. I start with a neutral palette and add cushions, artifacts, carpets and lamps to introduce color to my rooms.

After living in Singapore for many years I have come to appreciate handicrafts from Thailand, Myanmar, China and Vietnam. I have a collection of bells from Thailand and Myanmar. Additionally,  Chinese calligraphy brushes with lovely handles are on my coffee table.  I also have wooden lotuses from Chiang Mai hanging above my bed. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted.

My home in Kolkata is ready and we plan to go back very soon"

What a fascinating journey don't you think? Thank you Maadhumita for sharing your haven with the readers of My Dream Canvas. Wishing you all the best for your journey back to Kolkata. I am sure you will weave your magic there too. MDC will be waiting for a home tour part 2 from India :) It was hard to pick a favorite nook in her home as every corner is a delightful mosaic of interesting and colorful pieces.

My own love for vintage and colonial pieces made me instantly connect with so much of her home :) Do follow her on Instagram where she shares snippets of her home. Sharing a few images from her lovely abode on the blog today.....

This painting of Durga has my heart :)


I love this vignette with the lovely bells.

Images : Maadhumita Mukherjee and subject to copyright.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Anubhuti's Decor Alchemy

I remember that when I was younger, my mother’s constant worry was that I could not cook :) She tried in vain to get me into the kitchen but I was constantly shielded by my Grandmother who said "she will do it when she has to, let her be.” I was definitely not interested in cooking back then, but I loved to set up a pretty table :) My Mom always said that food should not only taste good, but look good and should be served well. Now the last part, I could connect with :) For all the dinner parties at home, I was in charge of setting the table. My Dad was in the Army so entertaining was a big part of our lives. Eventually, I did tackle the cooking part and I cook endlessly now :)

With the festive season in full swing, table decor takes center stage. Today, I am delighted to feature Anubhuti's home on the blog. She is a fellow Seattleite and has exquisite taste in decor. Her styling is a work of art. It is refreshing, elegant and eclectic and  I absolutely love it!!

This is a peak into her Diwali table from a few weeks ago. I asked Anubhuti to share a few lines about herself, so here goes....

"An engineer with an artistic brain...with a strong passion for interior design, decor, gardening/landscaping and all things beautiful! My design style is contemporary blend of South East Asian mixed with Parisian style. I love playing with textures and mixing styles and elements in unusual ways to bring that uniqueness in my decor/design work"

Fabulous right? Now, who would not want to be a guest at this table :)


Anubhuti's style is unique. She has a knack of incorporating a variety of elements and yet, somehow manages to give it a cohesive look.Take a look at these incredible images to see what I mean.......

Thanks Anubhuti for sharing your home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. Do follow Anubhuti's journey at Decoralchemy on Instagram

Images: Anubhuti Singh @ decoralchemy