Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sudha's Vibrant Home in Bangalore

Home tours on MDC have always been special for me. The homes featured here have always been a mix of styles. That is just the way I like it :) Today, I have a bold and vibrant home to share with you. Splashes of colors and an abundance of greens fill this warm and traditional home. Sudha Chegudi's home in Bangalore is spectacular. Each and every corner of her home is vying for your attention. I am particularly drawn to the plants in her home and the gorgeous brass utensils. 

Sudha invites you into her home today and describes her journey in her own words. 

"I am a garden enthusiast, wife, a mom and a total believer in sustainable and functional décor who has turned a rental “ House” into a Home. I am a Business Solution Architect by profession working in Bangalore. The world I work for, and where my heart lies are far apart. My career started with Dakshina Chitra in Chennai, a heritage museum and then I went on to work for Cottage Expositions that dealt with Indian handicrafts. A hardcore Vintage lover, I love things that have a stories, history and a character to it. The history of it intrigues me.I  had the opportunity to travel extensively in South India to source handicrafts. That is one of the reasons I’ve been bitten by the handicraft bug :)
Our home is a reflection of simple sustainable decor. We have a collection  of antiques and artifacts gathered over the years. Some old and some new. I have  never really believed in splurging and following the latest trends. I started by sharing my garden space, décor with plants, flat-lay photography on my instagram. The motive was to focus on the finer details and capture the magic that lies in it.
Most of the time, my décor comprises of roadside finds -fallen flowers, chips of wood bark or even  dry foliage. I am very unpredictable in terms of what I could use next. Life’s like that isn’t it? My personal style statement has always been heaps of vibrance and colors and that pretty much reflects our personality. I can’t handle whites or beige tones:)
I like to keep it simple and effective. That is my personal mantra.
Some days it’s brass, and on another day it is ceramic or a mix of both. They don’t necessarily have a format and don’t have to co-ordinate. I love anything Indian! Most of the things in my home are travel finds, souvenirs or from flea markets and gifts that friends bring over. I also like textures and patterns of fabric from different states in India.  don’t really follow a plan while decorating. My main objective is to make our home inviting and stress free . “Going out of fashion” doesn’t exist in my world of  décor. Some days there are framed fabrics that go up the wall, a vintage tiffin carrier becomes a lampshade, along with doodles and paintings made by the siblings, a Kanchi cotton saree border adorns a rose wood mirror frame and so on...
 I love having plants and bright natural light around me. Almost all my furniture are from thrift stores or seconds sale. This is a conscious effort on our part.
I can handle clutter and chaos, but I can’t handle a spic and span museum like house with no life and warmth in it. The warmth is what draws my family and friends back to our home .....and that is the feeling which pretty much sums up my vision of my ideal home."

Thank you Sudha. I love the way you have described your home. Authenticity in decorating our homes is what keeps it unique and personal. 

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Unknown said...

Beautiful home... filled with Love and warmth.

anita mohan said...

Tastefully decorated home. Traditional and beautiful.

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