Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Suparna's Vibrant Abode in Kolkata

2020 seems to be passing by quickly despite the global pandemic that has crippled the world. Staying indoors has made all of us into homebodies. Somehow, the comfort of home is something we can no longer take for granted. The four walls of our homes has become out safe refuge during these uncertain times. Today, I am happy to share a warm and vibrant home from India.

Suparna Deb's home is full of color and artifacts. She seems to be quite a collector. I am drawn to the various corners of her home. There is so much life and creativity in the vignettes she creates. Suparna and I clearly share a passion for fresh flowers :)

I asked Suparna to share her home and her story in a few words. 

" I am Suparna, and I am a member of Central Civil Service of India. At present I am based in Kolkata.  I am an an avid traveller, with a  love and passion for writing, heritage, history and  art and crafts. I am a storyteller and my home reflects the same :)
My favorite quote is one by Kahlil Gibran to define what home decor means to me.Your house is your larger body. It grows in the Sun and sleeps in the stillness of night, and it is not dreamless. Not only comfort your house and home decor should reflect your personality and inner self "

Beautiful words Suparna. Words I think, that resonates with all of us who are  home decor enthusiasts.  
Enjoy a peak into the corners of Suparna's delightful home. It is a kaleidoscope of colors that exudes warmth and beauty.

Thank you Suparna for sharing your lovely home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. 

Images: Copyright Suparna Deb and cannot be used without written permission.

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Rupin said...

It's so amazing... Very nice collection... Very peaceful 💚

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