Friday, September 25, 2020

Anuja's Plant Filled Abode

Sometimes all I have to see is one image that is unforgettable and I yearn to see more :) Anuja's home in Ahmedabad (India) has such delightful vignettes that you can never have enough :) It is like a fascinating tapestry made up of earthy elements, plants and brassware.  Apart from her impeccable styling, she is also a fellow Army brat and that just pleases my heart :) Anuja grew up in a home where her mother kept a beautifully styled home and that has influenced her immensely. Anuja is an extremely accomplished athlete. She was the National high board and spring board diving champion for nearly 10 years and trained in London with the British Olympic team.  She flew with Air India as a flight attendant for 10 years and has traveled around the globe.

Today, Anuja Cambatta is a landscapist, plant stylist and a Bonsai artist. With more than 18 years of experience in organic farming, she promotes sustainable landscaping. She has mastered her skills by learning from the best in the industry via workshops, international Bonsai conventions and an NID course. Dragonfly farm was found by Anuja three years ago. It is a nursery, situated in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, with a large collection of Bonsais, styled plants along with an interesting range of garden accessories. 

In her words "We create designs and undertake landscaping contracts for residences, offices, cafes, restaurants and events. Indoor and outdoor garden design is our specialty. My design style is to use hardy species for plantation, use local materials and artisans for making accessories, integrate antiques in styling spaces and create a contemporary look with an international appeal.

A fascinating journey, don't you think? So many life experiences have contributed to her home being truly one of a kind. Visit The Dragonflyfarm to know more about her story and her work and follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of beauty and creativity.

Step into Anuja's plant filled abode and prepare to be amazed :)

Thank you Anuja for this lovely treat :)

 Images : Anuja Cambatta and subject to Copyright.


Anamika said...

Anuja is diligent and dedicated, above all she is sensitive and creative! Beautiful home!

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So pretty

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