Monday, June 15, 2020

Happiness is Homemade So Let’s Go Find It :)

 I am a sentimental fool and I am quite happy being one :) I am very zealous and protective when it comes to my family and I love preserving it scraps of paper, frayed photographs, heirlooms and so much more. Every trip back to India, I insist on working on some project or the other related to the past! It keeps everyone including my parents on their toes :) During this lockdown,I have dedicated even more time to this passion of mine!! While there is lots to do, I have made a few strides that I am proud of. 

I think along the same lines about my decor. I want our home to be a visual collage of our memories, our life and our roots! Do you believe that authenticity works in home decor? I would like to think so and highly recommend it. I think trend, styles, fashion, fads...... whatever you call it has a very limited shelf life. It is always refreshing to come across a home that is not trying to prove something. Many of us share a common desire to keep a beautiful home. However, the key is not to get too swept away by the plethora of fascinating ideas and trends of the design world :)

Maintaining or decorating a house should not feel like pressure. I cannot speak for others but my blog is merely a platform to share my thoughts and present you with a selection of pretty things and interesting ideas. However, I would humbly like to believe that it is also a happy place for you to stop by:) A place which leaves you energized to create, enjoy and appreciate the little things you surround yourself with.

Appreciate the beauty around you and on my blog :-) but be the person you naturally are. Find the beauty and the desire to create within "YOU". Thank you for stopping by. It has been a decade of blogging for me, and its your constant support that has given MDC this longevity. Life in general this year, seems to be throwing a lot of punches, yet, we all have to bond together, stay calm and find some peace and happiness doing the little things. 

Today, I am finding happiness seeing these pretty flowers on my table. I picked them up on my walk over the weekend. I feel a sense of happiness and belonging when I step into my home and I wish the same for you. Happiness is truly homemade. So go find it :)

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