Monday, February 23, 2015

Tea Time Around The World Part 1

I am thrilled to kick start the "Tea Time" series on My Dream Canvas. Today, I am sharing a cup of tea from my home.  For me, a cup of tea is the much needed fuel to get me to start my day :) Its usually a pretty tall cup! I have to admit that on most mornings Mr MDC makes it for me :) I am usually packing the kids lunch in the morning......and running around so I appreciate all the help I can get!! My morning "cuppa" is pretty easy, I love my Earl Grey tea bag:)

My ideal tea time moment would involve a good book. However, these days I am not reading a whole lot ! I need to rectify that immediately. My tea collection includes a variety of tea cups. There is nothing matching or symmetrical in my collection! I have started buying tea cups as souvenirs and this particular one is from Mexico. The brownie is from a friend who makes the most fabulous desserts :) The tea coasters are a gift from my sister in law in UK. She and my brother know me rather well..... and they give me the most awesome gifts :) I bought the book box in the image from HomeGoods. It is actually a storage box with the names of all the classics I grew up reading.

I do hope you have enjoyed joining me for tea at the MDC casa. Stay tuned..... as we head to another home here in Seattle for a cup of tea. I promise to begin in Seattle and end up around the world, sipping endless cups of chai :)

Image: My Dream Canvas


Pinkz Passion said...

Loved your cup Anu, and also the idea of sipping teas from all around the world. Looking forward, cheers. Pinkz

Debabandya Mohanty said...

Wonderful collection Anu !

FarZain said...

I just stumbled on your blog, Anu. Loved your decor posts.. And this post about chai just wonderful.
A glimpse of how we do chai at home here.


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