Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Vacation Home :)

Do you dream of having your owning your own vacation home? I do :)

This delightful home overlooking the Pyrenees comes pretty close to my idea of a vacation home. Its rather beautiful in a charming and rustic way!

Here is my checklist for my imaginary vacation home :

  1. Cozy and cute but with enough room for family and friends :)
  2. Bright and airy
  3. Scenic location, (beach or mountains) is fine, I am not all that picky :)
  4. Large kitchen with an orchard and a vegetable garden ( Hey! in my dreams I get to be extremely demanding)
  5. Fireplace is a must!
  6. Books and books galore......
I could go on and on.....but you get the drift :)

Now, I want to hear your checklist?? Do please share...... and lets day dream together!

Here's wishing you a dreamy Sunday!!

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Shalini Pereira said...

Anu, lovely post, mine are- near the beach, my own organic vegetable and fruit garden, a big kitchen and a pool and a huge outdoor dining area :)

Sensuous2Spiritual said...

True that! Living in a city like Mumbai more than often have a deep desire for one of our own. Hoping to have a ours ready in the next year or 2!

Maryam said...

love- love everything about this dreamy place... what a wonderful place to unwind.
thanx for sharing! :)

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