Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tea Time Around The World!

Tea time is always a special time for me at home :) Its that few minutes of solitude and relaxation that I look forward to everyday. While I enjoy having tea  with family and friends, I have to admit that I enjoy my cup of "chai" even when no one is around :) It is truly my "me" time!

For those of you, who have been reading MDC for a while might recall a "Tea Series" on the blog which I started in 2010. My aim was to  presents a series of tea moments from homes all over the world :) You can click on the link to read the first and the second post. There are some dreamy images in both the posts send to me by some lovely ladies who share my passion for tea. 

Today, I want to invite my readers to share their tea stories with me. If you think that this sounds like fun, do click an image that captures your tea time moment and inbox it to me! Please add a few lines about yourself and where you are based? It will be a fun way to get to know each other :) Over the next few days, I shall share images from my home as well!

Sharing a lovely poster about tea time to get the party started :)

Image 1 : My Home, Image 2: via

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Unknown said...

lol...I love the poster :) ...sounds like a wonderful idea Anu

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