Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baghvan.....a colonial retreat in India

Baghvan comes from two Hindi words Bagh (Tiger) and Van (Forest). This striking and gorgeous lodge lies in Madhya Pradesh, India. The Pench National Forest is home to a handful of Tigers and people travel from far to see these majestic beauties.

The concept behind this lodge is to recreate a bygone era when safaris were the popular pastime of the Indian royalty, the British Raj and the rich and famous. The lodge consists of twelve cottages with an old world charm. The copper and turquoise hues used everywhere make the decor absolutely stunning.

Baghvan seems like a fascinating place and I would love to go there someday..

On a personal note...I have very strong ties to Madhya Pradesh, a state in Central India. My Dad's family is from Madhya Pradesh. I never really got a chance to live there. As an Army kid, I grew up in different places across India. We finally settled in Delhi, and I lived there for many years before moving to the US in 2000. Madhya Pradesh is where my roots are. A post about Baghvan brings back many fond memories. My Grandfather's stories about his childhood, jungle safaris and hunting adventures :-)

Images via : Architectural Digest


Kamini said...

Wow I had no idea this existed. Hmmm..must keep it in mind for my next anniversary! That bed surrounded with mosquito nets....? Just give me a book and someone to bring by hot cups of chai every hour....that's really all I need in life! Lovely lovely place Anu!

Sudha said...

wow...apart from the beauty of the place.. i must visit for the colonial style decor/furniture..cant get enough of it

GB said...

Hey Anu, MP is an army brat, I spent two memorable years there (Jabalpur). and after finishing my masters I worked in Bhopal for a short stint...MP is truly beautiful.

Rajee Sood said...

Aaaha! so we strike another common chord ... M.P it is ... I do happen to be a Jabalpuri by birth and a Bhopali by marriage ... and I too am all stuffed up with those storeies you mention.But these pictures are really inviting ... love the post Anu.

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