Thursday, September 20, 2018

Festive Vignettes From Bangalore

With the festive season at our doorstop, I love sharing vignettes from homes gearing up for the festivities. Here is one such home all dressed up for the season. This is truly a beautiful home! Anupama who happens to be a doctor and lives in Bangalore has a passion for traditional decor. I really admire how  elegant her home is.

I asked her to describe her style in her own words so here goes...

" Doctor by profession decorista by passion!
My decor drama started by scrolling through Pinterest and then I had a spark of imagination seeing others. I got inspired and starting decorating my home.
 I brought along my family's brass collection which was left untouched and started arranging them in my house. That is  where my love for decor began. Then my second tool was Instagram as I saw many beautiful vignettes and began posting mine! And here I am today."

Thank you Anupama for sharing your home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. Do follow this talented lady on Instagram where she shares lovely corners of her home.

I do hope you are enjoying these home tours as there are more coming your way do stay tuned!!

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Helena Oops said...

Hello wonderful decor!
I really love it!
So cute!

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