Tuesday, September 25, 2018

House Calling in Netherlands

Today we are taking a quick trip Netherlands. A delightful home in Leiden caught my eye recently. This is the home of Saritha Ashok. She lives in this small town in Netherlands with her husband and 12 year old son.

I have to admit that this first image of Saritha's bedroom stole my heart. The entire home and especially this room looks so crisp, bright and beautiful. I like Saritha's approach to decor. Her home gives a fresh and happy vibe!

I asked Saritha to describe her unique style in her own words " We moved into our home recently and it is a work in progress, isn’t it always? I can’t say that my decor style belongs to a particular category. It’s a mix of European,  mid-century-modern, bohemian and Indian. It’s a chutney, you can say. I like to keep the base neutral, in terms of wall color and accent pieces, and add pops of colors here and there. More than half the furniture and a lot of decorating accents in my home are thrift buys. I bought them from flea markets and online groups. Refurbishing them to go with our decor style is my favorite pastime. 
The blue entryway sideboard and our bed side table are my favorites so far."

As you can see Saritha loves DIY's and breathing new life into her thrift finds. A gal after my own heart :) Though, I have to sheepishly admit that my skills as far as DIY's go is severely limited.

Thank you Saritha for sharing your home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. My favorite part of blogging is to showcase real homes and their immensely talented owners. There is so much inspiration out there and we can learn so much from each other. Don't you think?

I do hope you have enjoyed our Home Tours ? From India to USA....from Bosnia to Netherlands.....here at MDC we love connecting you with real homes and their unique decor styles :)

To view more of Saritha's pretty home connect with her on Instagram!!

Images:  Saritha Ashok and subject to copyright.

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