Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Season of Festivities and Gratitude

Hello there! It has been a busy few weeks. September begins with a new school year and its exhausting! New schedules, new challenges and the rude sound of the alarm clock after a long summer :) October rolls in..... and brings with it Autumn and the festive season. This year we faced the added drama of my 13 year fracturing his hand! It threw us off a bit as a family..... however, my baby is a good sport! He seems to be coping well with his schoolwork and other things with support from us. 

I also have an update on the Shop At My Dream Canvas! The Festive collection is now online!  Today, I wrote a small post about my little store on Instagram and wanted to share it here as well...

It was March 13th 2011 my birthday, when I announced the launch of the Shop At My Dream Canvas! My little store is soon going to be in its 9th year! It has been an incredible journey! During this process, while I have had a lot of fun , it has also been exhausting😳I have a lot of people to thank for their constant support and encouragement! Without them, I know I would have given up a long time ago! I have to thank the people who read my blog, my regular clients who thankfully 🙏🏽keep coming back and to constantly meeting new people who help my business grow! Ask any small business owner....we have our highs and our lows but when you have passion you persevere and somehow things fall into place! I run a one woman show with my husband and kids cheering me on😀My team in India is my rock! My parents who support me and spend a lot of their time doing the back end work to run this store! From sourcing to packaging they are involved in all of it! Amarjeet and Virender Bhaiya you both are truly God sent! Last, but not the least, my mom’s best friend who helped get this entire enterprise started. She is the one who found me the sources to procure the stuff! NM passed away last year! I miss her immensely! She will always have my gratitude🙏🏽I seem to be rambling a bit ....but I truly want to thank you guys for all the love ❤️ Your comments and support makes me smile 😃 every single day! 

Its been hard to focus these days....this is what the streets close to my home look like!! Fiery autumn hues tempt you to pull over and admire the view!!

We as a family love road trips! When you have the Cascade mountains in your backyard its even more tempting to hit the road. This is a view of Liberty bell at Washington pass on the North Cascades highway!

Here's wishing you a happy Festive and Holiday season! Join us on Instagram for everyday updates on the happenings at my casa and my little store!!

Images: My Dream Canvas and subject to Copyright!

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