Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Festive Vignettes by Chandan Dubey Photography +

Countdown to Diwali on My Dream Canvas

The festive season is upon us! For me, while there is so much to look forward to, its somewhat bittersweet. I miss my home in India more than usual this time of the year. Diwali also called "The Festival of Lights"  has always been a celebration in my parents home. It all started with my Grandmother and Mom who made it extra special for us :) I recall the endless discussions with friends and cousins about what to wear for the Diwali gathering:) Mom always cooked up a storm and there was a constant supply of mithai ( sweets) in the house. I was always in charge of the diyas, the lights, the flowers and the Rangoli. The polishing of the silver and the painting and sprucing up of the house were yearly Diwali rituals. The simple Puja at home was followed by blessings from the elders. Last, but not the least, there was the lighting of the diyas and the twinkling lights up on the trees. Finally, we would all sit around and admire our handiwork and revel in the beauty of Diwali :) It was a time of celebration and of simply coming together as a family! I do tend to reminisce quite a bit when it comes to Diwali :)

I want to pass on this legacy and the wonderful traditions that surround Diwali to my kids. Thousands of miles away from home, I hope that I am able to recreate the magic of Diwali for my children.

Over the nine years of blogging I have come across many artistic and creative people. There is so much to learn from each of them. One such friend and artist Chandan Dubey is a powerhouse of talent and her work epitomizes the festive season. For me, a Diwali mood board has to include her creations! While, many of you are familiar with her work, her dedication and passion for restoration is truly remarkable! Each piece designed by her is a labor of love. Her work showcases her passion for tradition. She has worked with me to create the most beautiful memory trunk dedicated to my Grandmothers. Today, I am giving you a peak into her  latest collection. From pillows/cushions to table runners to archival prints, boxes, furniture and wall art.....Chandan's creations brings the essence of Diwali and the festive season into our homes. 

You can reach Chandan via Facebook and Instagram. While Chandan is based in India, she does ship internationally to select countries. 

Stunning vintage style cushions/pillows. 

Exquisite Wall Art

A beautiful hutch.

Exquisite artwork that can be printed on varied surfaces, archival canvas, paper, framed and unframed.

Most of Chandan's work is limited edition so reach out before it all sells out :)

Images: Chandan Dubey Photography + and subject to Copyright.


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Unknown said...

Each one is a masterpiece Chandan, so blessed to this platform which showcased your art and fill my heart

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