Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Pretty Kitchen

It is that time again.........the beginning of a new week :) I always like to start off the week with pretty things and pretty places :) We begin today with a  a lovely kitchen. It is a bright and beautiful kitchen with cute little knick-knacks......just the kind of space that I love! This kitchen has so much character and warmth. It shows that the person who cooks here must love her job! I too spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Not that I am a gourmet cook or anything :)

However, I think my kitchen is a big part of my everyday life  and it is certainly an important part of my home!! Lately, I have been admiring the kitchen cabinets from RONA!! Dreaming of a kitchen makeover :)

What about you.......are you a kitchen person? Have a beautiful week ahead.

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Priti said...

Must tell you it's really a "pretty kitchen", I especially liked the basket with yellow flowers in the first image, its looking simply awesome. Thanks for sharing. :)

SreeBindu said...

simple and lively :) loving the new look of the blog =)

Anonymous said...

That IS a cute kitchen, all mismatchy, with a bit of this, and a bit of that. A kitchen you would feel very much at home in!

I like kitchens as well. I usually cn get a pretty good idea about the feel of a home from the kitchen.

Dawn said...

I love that kitchen, thanks for sharing:)

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