Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Romance in Maldives

A Room with at View at Cocoa Island Maldives.
These stunning pictures recently caught my attention and I was totally mesmerised. Maldives is now on my list of dream vacations ! These beautiful boats are called "Dhonis" in Maldives. Most of Cocoa Island’s rooms are uniquely inspired by these boats, the style of vessel used by local fishermen. The boat shaped suites and villas are adjoined by simple wooden walkways built above the shallow lagoon. The view from the wide platform bed is directly out to the watery expanse. The bathrooms, a bath and shower, share the horizon views. I simply love the interiors which are contemporary and yet have a touch of local rusticity. So feast your eyes and dream on...
Photographs courtesy : The Cocoa Island resorts and Maldives Tourism.

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Anonymous said...

OMG this is simply superb... I can see myself relaxing and reading a book on one of those chairs... *sigh* :-)

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