Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mama Mia Country!!

Greece has always been on my list of places to visit. To be honest almost every corner of the world is on my wish list :-) I made my husband take me to Austria to fulfill a childhood desire to visit "Sound of Music" country. Like others, I too am an ardent fan of the movie and a trip to Salzburg and its environs was a dream come true. My desire to visit Greece has been reinforced after seeing the movie Mama Mia. The stunning backdrop of the Greek isles combined with my favourite ABBA songs is imprinted in my mind. For now I shall enjoy these mesmerising vistas while I plan my vacation :-)
Photo courtesy : Greek tourism website.


Anonymous said...

oh my... wow!! You sounds so much like me.. I went to Vienna & Salzburg only bcoz of Sound of Music..

And I've always wanted to go to Greece... Athens & the islands..

My Dream Canvas said...

Thats amazing...wish we lived in the same city. I woud love to go to Greece soon but its a challenge with a 4 yr and a 10 month old baby..but soon :-)

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