Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Nite Ice Candle..

Living in the Pacific Northwest has many advantages..a short drive or ferry ride will take you into British Columbia. This region of Canada is mesmerising with stunning scenery, friendly people and quaint towns. A few years ago on a summer road trip we had a long wait at the ferry terminal on Vancouver Island. My husband sat patiently in the car line with my son while I set off to explore the area. Colorful marquees in a distance aroused my curiosity and I saw that it was a weekend art market. I love browsing at art walks and flea markets as they have lovely treasures waiting to be discovered. I was immediately attracted to this unique and very pretty "ice candle" in red. I bought it from the artists wife and soon discovered that I was now the owner of an original piece by Rick L. Silas.
Rick was featured on BBC and is a famous glass artist and inventor of advanced glass technology. In 1995 Rick created an ice sculpture for the lobby of a major corporation. The sculpture was to include a "cracked ice" glacier effect. Silas developed a way to shatter and bend tempered glass at room temperature while maintaining structural integrity.This cold bent glass can be shaped into gorgeous designs like the ones below. His innovative " shattered glass " has been patented in his name under the trademark of Silastial.
Here is a shot of my very own Silastial artwork that I am very proud of. It illuminates my living room with a lovely glow...
A preview of the gorgeous creations by this very talented artist... my absolute favorite the plant in ice panel .. The beautiful Calgary skyline with the backdrop of the annual balloon festival.
Rick Silas lives in Sidney, BC and its gorgeous surroundings inspires him to create one of a kind glass paintings and sculptures that are simply stunning!
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Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Nice designs,must say.

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks, yes his designs are gorgeous.

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