Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Restored Home in Carisbrook, Victoria

For those of you who have been reading My Dream Canvas for some time now, know of my love for old homes and restoration projects.  I am instantly drawn to homes with character and this one has an interesting past as well :) This home was discovered by the owners in a small town called Carisbrook in Victoria, Australia. Many of the town’s buildings date back to the1850's and so does this seven room building which was originally a butcher shop!!
Not sure how I would feel about that :) However, the home is filled with interesting things collected by the owners over the years. Little treasures, antiques and junk lovingly restored by them to create a home that is warm, cosy and well loved!
This unusual and striking artwork came with the house!

I love how recipes are written  on the chalk board splash back in the kitchen.

Such a pretty outdoor space!


Charcoal drawings by the owner hang beneath a landscape inherited from her grandmother. The cottage clock was acquired at auction.
What did you think of this house? I would love to know.
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Unknown said...

The rustic look of the house is soo appealing and that outdoors is to die for...Lovely house. This is the kind of house where one can relax, bask in the sunlight and just feel the time paasing.
So calm and relaxing.


amma said...

no conformity..has the loving touches of a true homemaker.

Ingmarie We said...

So lovely and very special.

Unknown said...

Butcher shop or not, I would love to live in it! So very warm and inviting!!

NanaDiana said...

I love it- especially that outdoor space! xo Diana

nanditark said...

love the colours--- blues + greens... all over, each and every room has a different story to tell... love the chalkboard too !

la petite lulu said...

This is a beautiful home - thanks for sharing! I love the chalkboard wall in the kitchen, my Mum has the same thing and it's something I'd love to put in my house one day! Victoria is a beautiful part of Australia - I'm from further north but there are some amazing old restored homes down there!

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