Friday, January 31, 2014

My Love For History!

For those of you who have been reading My Dream Canvas for a while know that I love anything old and vintage. That includes art and architecture. Somehow the buildings from a bygone era exude romance and beauty that surpasses anything in the present day. 
Today, we have fancy machines, architects and all the modern equipment available to build impressive buildings. However, in those days all these resources were not around. What amazes me..... is how these buildings were built. It would be a fascinating journey! I often wonder about.....who designed these work of art and who were those workers/artists who created these masterpieces. In those days. the buildings were literally hand built!!

Next week I shall share some pictures of this exquisite building which lies in the midst of a bustling city and has recently been restored! Can any of you guess where this is?? 

Have an awesome weekend!! I am looking forward to Sunday because of the big game!! Go Hawks!!!

Image:My Dream Canvas and subject to Copyright

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