Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Styling Your Coffee Table

I am still unpacking from my trip. Its an exhausting process putting away stuff! I open a closet and end up rearranging everything...sigh! The unpacking exercise is now leading to de -cluttering and a trip to Goodwill is long overdue.

Now for the fun part, as I unpack my finds from Turkey and India, I can't help but redecorate :) I was pretty good and did not shop a lot, however, I could not resist this copper tray! I have placed it on my coffee table and quite like the effect. This got me thinking and............I am motivated to share some ideas with you on how to style your coffee table at home. I would love to hear your suggestions as well. So stay tuned....... as I bring you a few ideas on how to beautify your coffee table and end tables! Hopefully, the entire process will be fun and inspiring :)

Are you in? To begin, can you list a few items that sit on your coffee table.....the ones you cannot do without?

Image: My home this evening!


Unknown said...

Beautiful. Would love to see a complete capture of your coffee table and where you have placed the this arrangement

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

My coffee table is an Indian double tray table. I usually keep remotes on the bottom tray (how tacky!) and the top tray just holds a few candles which get used regularly. I keep it simple so the coffee table itself is showcased.

Unknown said...

I never realized that tray was copper....Somehow I thought it's some kind of white metal! Looks great.

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