Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Festive Series Part 3 : My Favorite Designer :)

With Diwali a few days away, my days are getting really busy! I have been neck deep in cleaning up the house and I am finally making progress :) For me, a Diwali mood board has to include the work of my friend and artist Chandan Dubey! While many of you are familiar with her work, her dedication and passion for restoration is truly remarkable! In my opinion Chandan's  designs can blend in perfectly with any decor! 

Her latest collection of limited edition pillows are a true delight! Vintage jewelry, vintage lace, got patti, luxurious fabric and intricate detailing makes these pillows a collectors item!

You have to bookmark Chandan Dubey Photography +  to know more about her one of a kind creations!

How is your Diwali prep coming along? My next project is my table setting for a Diwali dinner and I am totally confused :)

Spread love, light and happiness around you this Diwali!!

Images: Chandan Dubey Photography+ and subject to copyright!

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Unknown said...

Lovely work! really cultural and traditional.

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