Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Countdown to 2017 and The Year Gone By

Hello there!! I cannot believe that another year is almost over! 2016 has been eventful! Its been challenging on the personal front with many highs and lows! It is definitely a year that will stay with me forever! My children are growing up quickly and I am trying to keep pace :) They are 11 and 8 and keep me amused, exasperated, and entertained :) This year, I had the most incredible holiday in India with my parents! I stopped en route in England to see my brother and his wife! I consider myself lucky as I have an amazing family and an incredible group of friends! While in India, I managed to get away without kids and hubby  for a holiday with with my friends from school and college! It was a wonderful three days with my besties:) We laughed, chatted, and reminisced:) It was therapeutic! 

My trips to India revive me. They make me feel young and stress-free. My parents make me feel like a kid again :) I am grateful that I get to go back to my roots and visit India every year even though I live far away! On the home front here, its been busy. The kids' schedules are demanding and sometimes there are not enough hours to get everything done. I have not been keeping up with posts here but I post regularly on Instagram. I would love to see you there! This is now my 11th year of living in the Pacific Northwest. I remember, how much I hated this place when I moved here from the East Coast. Now, there is no other place that I love more :) Delhi and Seattle is where home is! I have an incredible group of friends here. They are more like family! I am ever so grateful to have these people in my life! I know, I am rambling.......but as the year draws to an end, I seem to be in this mood to reflect, ponder, and reminisce about my life in general and the year that has gone by!

I have a lot of stuff lined up for My Dream Canvas in the New Year! Personally, 2017 is going to be a challenging year! I have a few dreams to fulfill and a few challenges to meet! I hope I don't lose steam as I move forward:)

For all those of you who stop by here,.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My blog and my small online business is one of my biggest strengths. MDC continues to be a beautiful journey and a dream come true. I owe it all to you all!

Yesterday,we went on an icy hike to see a frozen waterfall. It turned out to be quite an adventure :) This red cabin in the wilderness stole my heart. The Pacific Northwest is stunning with an abundance of natural beauty. I feel so lucky that places like these are a only few hours away from my home!

I am signing off for this year with best wishes, happiness, and peace for the New Year! Sharing something I read..."Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one."


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Savita Krishnamoorthy said...

Happy New Year Anu! I hope 2017 is filled with exciting adventures and a year of growth, learning and much joy. May My Dream Canvas go further and grow to where you want to take it. MDC is one of the things that is dear to me and I am so looking forward to reading what is in store in 2017!Best and much love.

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