Monday, October 16, 2017

Diwali Inspiration From Around The World Part 1

Diwali Greetings my lovely readers....

Diwali, The Festival of lights is upon us! It gives me great pleasure to bring you Diwali vignettes from my readers and friends around the world! My readers are my greatest strength...... without you the MDC journey would have been rather bleak! Your encouragement day after day is what continues to inspire me to keep on blogging....

Today, I am sharing a stunning Diwali vignette of a home just a few miles from where I live! Nirmala's artistic style and creativity will leave you spellbound! She is a long time MDC reader and friend. Her home has been one of the most popular home tours on MDC. You can visit her lovely home by clicking here.

Here is Nirmala's Diwali in a few simple words that are beautiful and for evoke a touch of nostalgia and happiness....

"Living here in the US now, Diwali to me is a time where I grow very nostalgic recollecting the real spirit of Diwali, left behind. The joys of waking up early, the new clothes, the home made sweets, the Diyas and Rangolis everywhere, the sound and smell of fire crackers, the love of happiness like being back home during this time of the year. To me Diwali is all about celebrating a cherished past, a wonderful present and a bright future no matter where I am." 

The beauty of Diwali through her camera lens.....

Thank you Nirmala, best wishes to you and your lovely family for a bright and beautiful Diwali! Do visit her on Instagram for to see more of her lovely decor!

From The Pacific Northwest we head onto the other side of the world to Kenya, Africa! 

Diwali for Hemal who lives in Kenya is an amalgamation of her Indian roots mixed in with African elements.

In her words " The backdrop for this vignette is a granary door from Mali, Contemporary glass hanging lamp has a Kenyan beaded coaster as its base. The brass ware is Indian and Chinese. Diwali is a time to share happy moments with friends and family and make memories together. It is a time to celebrate and be grateful for all my blessings. Diwali to me is a time to be thankful for all I have achieved in the past year and for all that I look forward to in time to come."

Thank you Hemal and best wishes to you and to your lovely family for Diwali. Do visit Hemal's blog Villa Marigold for some lovely inspiration!

I hope you liked my Diwali World Tour :) This is just the first of many so stay tuned :)

Image 1 Copyright Nirmala Iyer 
image 2 Copyright Hemal Paliwal

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