Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Monsoon Morning At Serendipity Delhi

Today, on MDC, I am taking you on a visual treat! I promise you that this is one post you don't want to miss:) I was in India earlier this year, and one rainy morning, I made my way to Serendipity to meet its lovely and welcoming owner Kuldeep.

Serendipity is housed in an old haveli with a beautiful courtyard. Once in a complete state of despair, this property has been painstakingly restored and is now a unique lifestyle store! Kuldeep's immense experience in design and her artistic eye has created a masterpiece! The journey for Kuldeep began in 2014 when Serendipity was created with the help of her brother and a partner.

 I had fun chatting with Kuldeep over a glass of lemonade. We both reminisced about our “fauji” backgrounds and our mutual love for Rajasthan :) Kuldeep mentioned that Serendipity came about quite by accident, and was an experiment to begin with. I am so glad Kuldeep took the chance and turned her dream to reality for this is a brick and mortar store like none other :)

 As I walked around, I was completely mesmerized by all the pretty things in the store! What  really stood out for me, was how everything was displayed. The setting was perfect, the grandiose home...... with its rooms strung along the courtyard. The bougainvilleas and the pretty plants swaying in the breeze, the whitewashed walls with the lovely windows in colored glass.....I could go on and on....

Global and Eclectic is how I would describe the treasures at Serendipity! Beautifully curated, there are antique and period furnishings, one a a kind textiles from around the world, unique artifacts, exquisite clothing, vintage decor.

Serendipity has a lovely rooftop cafe and also hosts autumn festivals, literary and artistic events and musical evenings.  If you are ever in Delhi, make sure you pencil in a date with Serendipity in your calender. Thank you Kuldeep once again for a lovely morning and the pretty gift :)

For now, do enjoy some of my images from my visit earlier this year.....

Images  My Dream Canvas and subject to Copyright!

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