Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trends vs Sentimentality

Summer is making its way through to my neck of the woods! I am sorry for missing in action! I have ben busy with my parents in town. It was my mother's 70th birthday last month and my entire family gathered at my place to celebrate the big day. I feel to fortunate that we were able to make this happen. As the years are passing by family time seems to have become one of the most important things I want to focus on.

My new hardwood floors have brought about a change in me! While, I always felt the need to declutter, I feel the need even more so now! I want my home to feel bright and airy. People always ask " What's your style" For me, its simple, comfort combined with style and the desire to surround myself with the things I love is my thing:) Often magazines and bloggers comment on what style is in and what's out! While it makes for an interesting read, I often wonder if you would throw out something just because its no longer trendy. What if you love it and enjoy looking at it everyday? What are your thoughts? How does one settle the tussle between trends vs sentimentality?

Are you striking the right balance? Do share your thoughts....

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