Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer Musings & Alfresco Lounging :)

We are heading into the July 4th long weekend here in the United States. This year is going by really fast. I had made a few plans for this year and some of them have gotten off track! However, I hope to tackle them soon. Perhaps, by the end of the year I would have made some progress. This July, I am grateful that my parents are here with us for the summer break. I love watching my kids interact with my parents. They have their own unique relationship that is so enviable :) They have a number of fun things they do together, and it always makes me smile :)

We are heading off on a road trip soon and then in August to Europe. Traveling is such an integral part of our summer break. Since the kids have traveled with us extensively since they were little, they now look forward to it! I make them research the places we are visiting and after the trip they write about their experience. It makes for an interesting read!!

What are some of your summer family traditions ? 

Today, I am sharing a few inspiring images from my favorite online magazine. This sure feels like summertime as I love alfresco dining! A book, a cool drink, a board game and a pretty hammock is all one needs to bask in the sunshine!

Here's wishing my readers here in the United States a Happy July 4th. Enjoy the long weekend and keep on smiling :)

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