Monday, October 12, 2009

Gorgeous Fall

The hills are alive with the sound of music! In Seattle however they are alive with myriad, rust, yellow, crimson, orange and brown. These trees literally make me stop in my tracks..not the best thing to do if you are driving a car :-) I spent an entire day this weekend in pursuit of capturing the perfect image of Seattle's fall foliage. It was a gorgeous day and a lovely time of the year. Diwali is just a week away and these fall colors are the inspiration for my Diwali decor..


Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder if you live in some wonderland. Seattle seems like a great place in all seasons.

Anonymous said...

OH.. how I envy you!!! I'm going green!! What lovely colours..

Yes.. they are my inspiration as well.. :-)

My Dream Canvas said...

Yes it definately seems like a wonderland these days :-) It will be tragic for me once the trees are bare!

My Dream Canvas said...

Hey Patricia..looking forward to your Diwali decor.It would be ideal if one of these trees could be a permanent part of my home :-)

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