Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back home in North Carolina

India was my home for twenty five years and still is. The US is now home too! I am in my tenth year in the US, and it all began here in North Carolina. I moved here after my wedding in 2000 and it is lovely to be back for a short break. The South has its own distinctive appeal, and you have to live here to feel it. The magnolias are in bloom, the balmy weather, the gorgeous colonial mansions, the warm hospitality.......I could go on forever. However, I think this image says it all.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic Anu.. Looks like you had a great time... filled with emotions..

Kamini said...

I can almost see Scarlett O Hara running across the garden....lovely!

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks Pat...I did have a nice time.
Kamini: Thats exactly how I feel :-)

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