Thursday, May 20, 2010

A home from the heart

I am back from my trip to the east coast and still a bit jet lagged :-) Today, I am delighted to feature Praba Ram's gorgeous home in the suburbs of Washington DC. A charming Victorian farmhouse with an Indian touch, the home has a simple elegance with an earthy and rustic feel to it. Step into Praba's world and enjoy her warm and inviting home.
Passionate about architecture and design, Praba loves many features about her home, both inside and outside. The wrap-around porch has a tropical feel and is her favorite architectural element in the house. The exterior of the house reflect her love for the Mediterranean & tropics. Painted in terracotta orange, the fish-scale shingles on the front and the sides mimic the tiled porch coverings of the homes in South India. Praba's husband, an avid gardener, lovingly maintains the front-yard.
As for the interiors, she loves her sun room and kitchen for the handmade Spanish terracotta tiles. For the rooms, the paint colors were inspired by the spices, nuts & herbs unique to India. Turmeric yellow in the foyer, henna green in the guestroom, cashew cream in the sun room, saffron orange in the living room. Bursting with colors, she is happy that the interiors feel like one colorful spice box.

I could not agree more!!

Doesn't this feel like a vacation home with all this lovely scenery around ? I am so envious :-)

The porch is my favourite.... it has an old world charm thats so beautiful.

The sun soaked sun room with the striking tiles.

Praba's immense talent and creativity is not limited to interiors. She is also a published author of a children's book. She writes for a blog/website called Saffron Tree. Praba, along with others, reviews and recommends children's books from India & the U.S. Praba's first book, co-authored by Meera Sriram, also part of Saffron Tree, was recently published by Tulika Books of Chennai. Titled, Dinaben and the Lions of Gir, it is a bi-lingual book for the four plus age group about Maldharis, the cattle herdspeople of Gujarat and their daily lives in the Gir forests, co-existing with the Asiatic lions of India.
Here is a picture of her book.
A few more lovely corners from her home. Thank you Praba for sharing your home with My Dream Canvas.

Pictures courtesy : Praba Ram


Sudha said...

beautiful and cozy ...thanks for sharing this lovely home anuradha

GB said...

Love her home- especially the blue chair with the camel cushion. Thanks for sharing!


Sharon said...

Loved the blue chair with the camel print. It's such a lovely corner. Great post, Anu.

I must watch out for Dinaben and the Lions of Gir - my daughter loves books!

Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous home!! and what a bundle of talent!!! Love the blue chair...

Kamini said...

Lovely home Anu! I love anything with color and her home is so full of color. Nice way to start my day....

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Have seen glimpses of Prabha's home on Flickr...but this is gorgeous:-)

Thanks for sharing.

Love the sunbathed floor tiles.


My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you Sudha, Gagan, Sharon, Pat, Kamini and Archana for your lovely comments. I am glad you enjoyed the Praba's home. I am sure she will be delighted with your comments.

Praba Ram said...

Thank you, Anu for hosting such a heart-warming piece on my home. One for keeps. Next time when you are around on the east coast, do come by! My guestroom can't wait to host you. :)

And thank you all for your loving comments. Means a lot to me. The design blog community simply rocks.

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you so much Praba! Thats a very tempting offer :-)

Sri Pillai said...

Truly warm and cozy .
Simply love her sun room .
Lovely post , Anu !!!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...


Vibha said...

Lovely home. I liked the exteriors and the porch the best, I guess more because I simply love appreciating nature for hours and hours and how nice to get this kind of view 24/7.

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