Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Home in Columbia

A restoration of a historic house in the walled city of Cortega by the Caribbean sea. Sounds exciting doesn't it?? It does to me!! This grand old home is now a modern vacation getaway for the couple who owns it.

I am I look at these images. Imagine being a part of this fabulous restoration....that would be a dream job for me!! I have a weakness for history, tradition, architecture and just plain old romance. The stories these 250 year old walls can share would be worth listening to.

Here are the images after a fabulous restoration...

Images via: Veranda


Anonymous said...

*sigh* my heart skipped a beat... each image better than the next... so amazing.. so beautiful... I'd love to sit on the last pic... forever... I think!! :-)

GB said...

I love the canoe! and those hammocks. :)

Anne said...

its gorgeous! the reflecting pool and the openness of the room would make this my dream home as well.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous....the blues and whites. I want to live there!

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