Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Magic!!

Its a lovely Friday :-) I hope you have some fun plans this weekend? I will announce the winner of the CSN Giveaway tomorrow. I am also really excited about a fabulous home tour coming up, so be sure to drop by!!
See you soon..............

Image via : Bits of Beauty


Inspired by you said...

What beautiful images on your posts. Thanks for your nice words about my chair.

GB said...

Have a great weekend. :)

apoorva said...

U really display amazing

Unknown said...

Hey there.I left a comment yesterday too.God knows where it went.
Just wanted to thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.Made my day.
Also,I don't know if you will believe me ,but I have already visited your blog a lot of times and have marvelled at the lovely pics and stuff.I just have been too lazy to leave comments.So ,basically I am a lurker ;-).This will be remedied ASAP.Following you now.Have a nice weekend

~G said...

Hi anu, you got a lovely blog. I am digging through your archives. :)
By the way, I always wonder how you guys manage to keep your houses sparkling clean. Especially in the pics that Lakshmi has posted, it looks right out of a home decor magazine. Please share the trick.

And my question regarding the cane plant container: You made it? bought it? :)

Too many questions for a first time commenter no. :P

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... Gorgeous pic.. Anu! Hope you had a great weekend.. :-)

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