Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Because this makes me happy!!

I am joining Prachi at her fabulous blog Purplehomes for an exciting party today! Its your thoughts, and not resolutions of what you want to do, that will make you happy in the near future.

Eleven things I would do in 2011 to make me happy! Here goes.....

1. Take my much desired vacation to the Amalfi coast in Italy. I have been there many years ago and I fell in love with the place. Now I yearn to be back!!

2. Clean the clutter in my house. I have too many things and they need to go!!

3. Move my daughter to her own room. Design and decorate it in pinks and yellows. I recently decorated my son's room and he loves his train theme.

4. Spend some quality time with my parents. I need some pampering. As you can see...I am a wicked and selfish kid.........I am thinking only of myself:-)

5. Spend some alone time with husband. You see, we only talk about our kids. It will be a test for us to see if we can come up with something else:-)

6. I need to spend more time in the kitchen and try new recipes. I am so bored with the usual stuff.

7. I want to get back to reading.....I used to be a voracious reader and now I read nothing. I blame it on lack of time but I need to try harder. Reading does make me happy!!

8. Blog away at My Dream Canvas....its my new baby and I love it more everyday:-)

9. Take that photography course I have been planning for years. Spend some time with my Dad as he is the best photographer I know!! His understanding of photography astounds me.

10. Plan a reunion with my friends. They are the best!! I am lucky to have some awesome friends and I miss them a lot.

11. Last, but not the least..start with my new venture. Ssh..Ssh.. Its a secret. I cannot tell you more at this point. It promises to be exciting!!!

Thanks Prachi for a lovely idea to spread happiness around!


GB said...

What a graceful surahi!

Kamini said...

Lovely pic Anu! And hope you do everything you want to and more in 2011!

Unknown said...

so happy to have you join the party! love your sweet list & here's hoping that you will strike all of them off your list by Sept'11

Shilpa said...

These 11 things are surely going to keep you occupied for the entire 2011,and Good Luck for Dream Canvas for 2011:).What a gorgeous piece Surahi you have!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. for me that would be a 5 year plan... Well done Anu!! in putting such an awesome list together.. and good luck...

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