Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Monday and Weekend wrap up!

Hello All!! Hope your weekend was fun. Mine was busy to say the least. Kids are still not completely well, and literally thousands of errands to run before my trip to India. Sunday evening was when things slowed down a little. I nagged ( I am a pro at that) my husband to move some paintings around in the living room. You see, I de- stress by redecorating much to my husbands dismay!! While he was hunting for nails, drill the works........I indulged in my favorite pastime. The kids were in bed by 8.00pm ( Yippee!!) I arranged some flowers, lit some candles and took pictures:-)
These are just a few pictures from last evening....more to follow! Have a wonderful week ahead and see you soon.
I am joining Patty at Colours Dekor for her Weekend up Wrap Up party!!!


Anonymous said...

Thats lovely Anu... The paintings.. the flowers.. and the candles are awesome!! Thanks for linking in... Yes.. I can well understand.. i am a pro at nagging as well.. but thats only coz I have a super lazy hubby..

Anu.. this weekend.. my kids just refused to sleep... much to my disappointment... :-(

Hope you have a fab week ahead!!

GB said...

Hahaahaa Funny I de-stress by decorating (cleaning) too! And I'm really good at nagging as well. Anu before any trip (even a weekend trip, I need to make sure that ALL the clothes are washed and put away, the dishwasher's been run , all dishes are clean and put away, the sinks are spotless, the washrooms are cleaned, everything needs to smell great before I leave the drives my husband crazy!! No wonder most of our spats take place when we are about to leave the house (even for one night!)

Emreen said...

Wow ! the lanterns and the flower arrangements look very beautiful - A perfect way to spend a romantic evening..;-) ;-)

Karishma said...

Hi Anu, love the lantern and tealights...will be spending more time on your blog now, for sure :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Anu , the painting of the Sarangi player in abstract is really nice, where did you pick that from, Also the tealight holders are very cool , I would love to know where were they picked from as well :) if you don't mind.

Take Care

Iniyaal said...

Lovely painting. It looks beautiful along with the flowers and lantern.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Simply gorgeous pictures!!!

Unknown said...

the flowers, lantern & candles all look stunning!

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