Monday, February 28, 2011

A Love Affair

A love affair between and French General and an Indian princess....sigh!! Well, that is the story behind the fabulous Pan Dei Palais hotel in St Tropez in France. When I saw these images I was convinced that this was a hotel/palace in India........France somehow was far from my mind :-) However, this is the home of the dashing General Allard and his beautiful Indian princess, Princess Bannu Pan DeÃ. He built this Indian colonial styled home in 1835 as a tribute to his bride.

The home was transformed in 2006 as a neo-colonial style hip boutique hotel in the heart of St Tropez. The suites in the hotel have Indian names like Shakti, Deva, Durga.........and more. A hotel filled with history, romance and exquisite totally appeals to the dreamer in me :-) I am so in love with this place, and I wish I could be on a jet plane to the glamorous and chic St Tropez.......

Read a fascinating article in the Deccan Herald about this property and the legend here.

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Susan said...

Wow! Talk about opulant. That was truly quite a splendorous tour! Thanks for sharing. Susan

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