Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine magic and vintage silver

Valentine's Day is almost here!! What do I like about Valentine? The flowers and chocolates of course:-) They are everywhere! I am busy helping my 5 year old write the numerous Valentine cards for his classmates in school. The joys of motherhood:-)

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's day, filled with love and happiness. May it be with that special someone, family or friends! My Dream Canvas is celebrating the magic of valentine with vintage silver, pink, gold and blue!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you here next week! Don't forget to enter my Valentine Giveaway. The winner will be announced on Monday. Thank you for all the lovely comments. They make my day......everyday :-)

I am joining Cindy at Show and Tell Friday!


Anonymous said...

I love your vintage silver it’s so pretty. My husband is not very romantic :0( he has never given me flowers in the 37 years we have known each other …. but I still love him.

Verde Farm said...

So pretty! Happy Valentine’s to you too :)

Sudha said...

magical it is!! for a moment there i thgt it was from a magazine ....awesomeanu!

Unknown said...

your silver is just so stunning! love love love the shots. A very happy valentine's day to you

Bruce Barone said...

And a very Happy Day to you, too.

I will be making Susan a special dinner!

Marianne said...

Happy Valentine's day!
And those pink hearts look yummy (they are eadible I think?)

BollyInstyle said...

And a very happy VDAY to you, too. Love the color combination choice with the vintage style. Works well. Thx for sharing.

very merry vintage style said...

I love vintage silver, too. Beautiful photograph with those pink yummies!

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