Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adam Wiseman

Adam Wiseman is a freelance photographer and photo editor based in Mexico City. I recently discovered his work and its amazing. This is a photograph taken by him in an Eco chic hotel called Cuixmala in Mexico. To view more images from Adam Wiseman's portfolio visit his website here.

This lovely white room with splashes of pink looks so serene and beautiful.......

Hope you all are having a good week? Mine is a bit crazy as both my kid's are sick. I shall try and be back in a few days...........till then enjoy the rest of the week!

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Amtrips said...

i just hope your kids recover soon.. and yes, the post of this home is so peaceful..! Take care

Love and Regards,

Emreen said...

Hope everything is fine now... !! Love the way the room is carefully tinged with pink and blue to break the monotony of white....!! The blue and pink makes the room look Indian...!!

Unknown said...

I hope the lil ones are feeling better and you too got some time to rest. Take care!

Sound Horn Please said...

Oh oh! I seem to have missed a couple of posts in between- I hope the kids are better now?

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