Saturday, February 25, 2012

Greg Elms Photography

Hi! I usually don't blog on the weekends. Quality time with family takes priority :-) However, when you see something so eye catching and beautiful you make an exception :-)

Welcome to the mesmerising world of Greg Elms Photography. Greg Elm is one of Australia's leading  food and travel photographers. His photographs have appeared in National Geographic and Travel + Leisure magazine to name a few!

This feels like Morocco but is actually the Il Convento di Santa Maria di Constantino, Marittima in Puglia, Italy. This B&B is  a converted 15th-century convent whose eight guestrooms are filled with Moroccan carpets, Indian ceramics and Aboriginal paintings from the family's extensive collection.

Absolutely gorgeous to say the least......


Enjoy you weekend!!!

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helen tilston said...

How beautiful I could easily live here for a month and paint. Spectacular.

Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

What stunning pictures!

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