Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Tea Party at My Dream Canvas

It was a busy day for me today! The highlight was that the sun was playing peek-a-boo all day. I managed to get a quick shot of the sun streaming through my window! In the Pacific Northwest that is a big deal :) I ran errands the entire day, dragged myself to the Gym and then ran for my physiotherapy appointment! Okay, I am allowed to crib once in a while right :)

Frankly I don't mind a crazy day and I am grateful for everything I have! However, I do get cranky when I don't get to enjoy a cup of tea in peace :) Heating and reheating my tea numerous times in the microwave is just not fun :) Do you do that as well?

I would like to invite you over for tea today! It would be perfect if we could drink it in style and in peace!! No microwaves please!!

This would be nice....

We could sit here and chat for hours, laugh endlessly and enjoy the moment!

I hope you have enjoyed the little tea party at My Dream Canvas :)
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Anonymous said...

I am glad I came across your blog. I enjoy the vibrant colors and attention to detail. Love the way you capture the pictures. Brings backs so many good memories. Thanks for inspiring. I love the paint color and how it reflects the sunlight. Could you share your paint color? It's neutral and is fresh! Thanks S

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