Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Introspection

While this is a design blog, every once in a while, I introspect. I have been living in the United States for over twelve years and this is now my home.  However,  I consider myself lucky to be able to call two countries home. My roots are in India and Delhi is my haven. I am fortunate that I get to visit Delhi every year. My ties with this city are very strong. My parents live in Delhi and this city is a part of me. It is a treasure house of memories!  My husband often tells me that "you come alive in this city".  I have to admit that he is right :)
This afternoon as I sat by the window in my living room, nostalgia set in. This year I decided not to go to India for various reasons. As a result, it will be a two year gap, when I next visit India.  It has been a year since I visited, and I can't help but miss home. For those of you who are not from India or know nothing of Delhi...please forgive me as I ramble along. However, we all share a common bond of childhood memories and places close to our heart. I am sure you will understand and relate to my longing to be where I spent some wonderful years.
I miss those carefree days. Hanging out with friends, going to the numerous exhibitions, and attending the music concerts that my parents dragged me to, are some of my treasured memories.  The lunch ritual at the Delhi Gymkhana club, shopping at Khan market,  and eating spicy momos (dumplings) at Dilli Haat, are still the highlights of my annual pilgrimage to Delhi.  I could go on and on. For those of you who did not get a word of what I have been talking about, I apologize.  These are some of my favorite haunts in Delhi :)
As I look back, I remember that amazing feeling of invincibility. One thought that one owned the world. As the years go by, these memories become even more special.  I might be reminiscing with rose colored glasses, but that is my prerogative. Isn't it beautiful when one look back at life, and simply smile :)
What are some of your favorite memories ?

Image: My Home this afternoon...



Unknown said...

Awwwww, this is such a sweet post. I can so relate with you because me too a Dilliwali. We dilliwalahs will always be true to our national capital, whereever we live.Love Delhi.


Aalayam Inspiration said...


I understand. It's been 5 years since I made the trip back home and I hang on to those precious memories the meanwhile all we can do enjoy our second home and make some new memories, i guess...


Deb said...

There must be something. Similar to what you say, my husband's face comes alive when he's in Chennai. He glows. Even though he doesn't desire to move back and live there full-time (he's been in U.S. 20+ years), there's some transformation that happens when he's there. Somehow I don't think the same transformation happens to me when I go to my hometown Detroit! :) Beautiful color in your home there!

Anonymous said...

memories are all i have :) even though we make memories all the time I love to say so.. I have memories of the summer vacations spent in the hills of kumaun doing so many activities, being so close to nature and crying everytime we had to head back.. I talk about them very often to my husband.. I am a pakka villager at heart.. a true nature lover. and then there are many many other memories.. i love going down that lane.. its so comforting.. I can understand when you say you are miss home. and you know what I want to say.. dont be apologetic even a single bit.

Unknown said...

I am in love with this chair! Can it be found, copied, appoximated in some way?

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