Saturday, December 28, 2013

Heading Towards The New Year!!

2013 is making its way out and we are getting ready to usher in the New Year! This past year has been very eventful for me. It has been both good and bad. In some ways, I end this year as a wiser and stronger person! The most important lesson that I have learnt this year is to be grateful for what I have. Life is unpredictable and its best to cherish what you have. For me, its my family, my friends and my home! I am sure its the same for most of you! I hope your New Year comes around on a positive note. Remember to smile, cherish what you have and live your dreams.....

These are some pictures I took at a family Christmas dinner! I am sending some twinkling lights your way to brighten your day :)

A crackling fire, yummy food, family and good times....

Images: My Dream Canvas

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the east coast desi said...

Beautifully said Anu............wishing you a wonderful new year too !!!!

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