Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amanda Peet's Inspiring Kitchen Nook

I would love to redo my breakfast nook. Whenever I see something interesting online, I file it away for ideas. There are some places that look fabulous but  I can't picture myself there. However, there are few that appeal to you instantly and you can actually imagine yourself there. Style is something personal for me but there is some great inspiration out there and its fun to look right ? This breakfast nook appeals to me in a lot of ways. I liked the lived in look. Amanda Peet, the actress has managed to achieve a great space to spend family time. I love the wooden table, the colorful textiles, the interesting library of books, the colorful woven rug and her daughters art that has been beautifully displayed here.

My daughter would love this as she goes around pinning her art just about everywhere. She gets rather offended when I don't put all of them up. She is only five so we have a long way to go :)

I could easily see myself curling up here with a cup of tea and a good book. It looks like the perfect setting for family time and endless chit-chats. 
What do you think of this space?

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The Pink Dewdrops said...

beautiful :)

Shalini Pereira said...

What a lovely space! So warm and welcoming and colorful... I only wish my kitchen were big enough to have a spce like this... that way I wouldn't feel so lonely when I cook and the rest of the gang is happily watching tv in another room :)

the east coast desi said...

Gorgeous space......looks so lived in !!!
And your Moroccan red wall Anu, it turned out great. Absolutely love it.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend:)

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