Saturday, February 15, 2014

Indian Jewellery Project

The Indian Jewellery Project is a fascinating project and a great initiative started by Lai - Silver Jewellery by Puja Bhargava Kamath.  When Puja wrote to me asking for a submission, I was happy to be a part of something which is so close to my heart. Documenting my family's history has been a passion for me. I am in the process of collecting family photographs and letters and thinking of ways to preserve them. 

This wonderful initiative is another way for all of us to contribute and preserve our roots. To quote Mid Day " Taking cue from the Indian Memory Project
Puja's Indian Jewellery Project aims to put together a visual history of Indian jewellery by sourcing images from personal archives of families."

This is my submission for the project and includes a bit of information about this image and the jewellery.

This image is of my (Grandmother) Nani, Mrs Kusum Sinha.  This photograph was taken in February1939 by my Grandfather Mr RK Sinha. My Grandfather was an an avid photographer.  He had a a dark room ("photo kamra") where he personally developed and printed his photographs at home. My Grandmother is wearing a bright wine red Benarsi tissue sari, Gold and Kundan matha patti, a 4 tiered Jhumka (earring) in gold and minakari and kundan kadas (bracelet). Both the kadas (bracelet) and earrings have been passed down to me. I was recently gifted these earrings by my mother at my brother's wedding :)

These earrings are now over 75 years old! 

Please visit the Indian Jewellery Project to know more.  This project would love new submissions. Do visit the page to know how you can contribute!

Image: Anu Varma and subject to Copyright

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