Monday, July 21, 2014

A Splash of Aqua Here and There!

The MDC casa is showing off splashes of Aqua here and there :) Its my favorite color especially in summer. I have little knick-knacks in this color all over my home. The pretty tea light holder was a gift from my favorite cousin! A few plants here and there, and I am all set for summer. However, at the moment we seem to be going through a cold wave :) 

My parents arrived a few days ago. This time is so special. I love watching my kids interact with them. Getting spoilt and pampered is the theme for the next few months. Its not just the kids but Mr MDC and I, are both enjoying the benefits :) Its a time for endless chit-chats, love, laughter, summer drives and creating memories! 

Here's wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Image : My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright!


Unknown said...

Aqua has been my my fav too these days....have a great time with family......

Unknown said...

Lovely ! I love aqua too. Have a great time with your mom and dad. So nice to have parents visiting us :)

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