Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Monday and My Trip To The Wine Country!

Hello there! Hope you have missed me, because I sure have :) I got back last night after a four day vacation to Washington's Wine Country.  Seattle lies west of a mountain range called the Cascades. To reach the wine country, we had to cross over the Cascades to get to the Eastern corner of the state.

Eastern Washington's climate and the geography is completely different from where we are. This region is arid and lies in a rain shadow. The wine country drive was spectacular, with rolling hills dotted with vineyards. While we did enjoy the wine and the picturesque vineyards, what made it special was that we went there with my parents :) 

It was a fun, old fashioned road trip, the kind that makes me smile whenever I think about it :)

A detailed post with pictures from my trip will be up on the blog soon. On that happy note, here's wishing you a great week ahead. I also have an exciting Giveaway coming up tomorrow for all of you. I promise you will love it :)

Stay tuned..............

Images: My Dream Canvas

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oh wow...a giveaway....:)

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