Thursday, May 14, 2015

Entertaining With Style: A Mexican Soiree and My Childhood

I like to entertain and hosting a party always get me excited. I spend almost the same amount of time cooking as I do in laying out my table:) I grew up in a home where we always had people over. My parents, even if I say so myself were the perfect hosts :) My mom hosted innumerable parties! Our home was a popular hangout for our friends and family! The lack of Pinterest and fancy magazines did not deter my mom from creating exotic dishes and dressing up the dining table :) While I appreciated all the effort that she put into it, I have to admit that, I took it all for granted. I was not the "perfect daughter" who actively helped out my mom. I did what I was told to do but nothing more :) Today, as I look back, and fuss over the table layout in my home, I can't help but smile :) 
Times have changed. I am all grown up now and live thousands of miles away. However, surprisingly I am becoming more and more like my mother!  As for the food, my Mom is the one who is passionate about cooking. She is the gourmet chef in the family. I simply get by :)

One thing I adore is a beautiful layout for a party. This Mexican soiree featured in Style Me Pretty looks dreamy!  It is my kind of party :)


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