Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Dream Canvas Weekend!!

Hello there! Its time to begin a new week. However I am here to give you a quick account of my weekend. It was yet another round of spring cleaning at the MDC Casa :) My family I think is fed up! I owe them a treat as they are officially exhausted with all the cleaning. Van loads of stuff has been moved to Goodwill :) 

I received a few copies of my photographs in the mail. I had some of my tea time moments and other vignettes printed. I am so pleased with the result :)

I made a quick dash to one of my favorite stores and stumbled upon this striking tribal rug. I was so tempted to get it, but like a good girl I walked away from it :) The lady said she thinks it is from Morocco. However, I am confused as I have seen this work before. My mom reminded me that this cross stitch work is similar to the work they do in Kashmir. 
Any thoughts, do you know where this rug could be from???

After dinner last night, we  made a stop at the lake close to home. We were in for a treat. Check out this fabulous view:)

I launched a collection of antique store finds at my little store. Here is one of my favorite things from the store. To know more details and to purchase it, click HERE!

That's my weekend wrap up folks! See you around!

Images: My Dream Canvas

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Unknown said...

I see you had a fruitful weekend....No idea on the rug but the vibrant warm colors makes think of Gujarat/Rajasthan

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