Monday, September 14, 2015

Do you Like Picnics?

Good Morning all! I am inviting you to a picnic to shake off the Monday blues:) Are you fond of picnics? I am, but it seems like years since I organized or attended a picnic. Growing up as an army brat, picnics were a part of our lifestyle. I have fond memories of picnics on top of mountains, by a lake, under a tree and just about everywhere :) Ah! The simple pleasure of life! The prep work for the picnic was even more exciting!  Off late, one of my favorite memories of a picnic was in Georgia a few years ago. We were on a road trip with my parents. My son was a few months old. We stopped along the road and pulled out a few chairs. The place was beautiful as it was surrounded by wildflowers. As I look back to that day, I recall fondly that I was there with my favorite people in the world. My baby was cooing away, and the food made by my mom was utterly delicious.... it was idyllic:)

Here are some images of a picnic that recently caught my eye! I would love to style and decorate a picnic!! Sigh! The possibilities are endless......

 Do you have a fond memory of a picnic....... I would love to know??

Images:, Photography Alicia Taylor and Styling By Tessa Kavanagh

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FarZain said...

That's and amazing picnic memory! Well we had many amazing impropmtu picnics last year during winter here. The weather is getting better and cant wait to have beachy breakfasts :)


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