Thursday, September 3, 2015

Design Mantras To Live By

I recently spotted designer Kim Salmela's home on One Kings Lane. While, I like the look of her home, its her words and her design mantra that struck me the most. 
I am quoting her words as they truly resonate with me. Her thoughts and her attitude to design is something I can completely relate to. In her words." Masculine next to feminine. Inexpensive next to expensive. Contrast creates the best design and highlights the beauty of each piece. If everything is all one style, you look around the room and nothing stands out." Another one " “Life is short. Honestly. You should just walk into your home and be happy. There are no rules. That’s the rule.” 

 I could not agree more! My Family room has emerged into a space that has no rules..... ...conforms to no one style, and has no boundaries. It is truly my canvas :)  I dip my hands into bucket loads of paint and smear it all around. It is my very own lively mess, that welcomes me home and makes me smile:)
 I highly recommend a no rule design style. See were it takes you :) 

 What is your one design mantra you live by?

To view Kim Salmela's home, click here

Image: 1 My Dream Canvas
Image 2 and 3 : Kim Salmela via One Kings Lane


FarZain said...

Such a lively blend of colors! That quote is spot on!


My Dream Canvas said...

I agree, completely resonates with me

Shilpa Arkachar Prabhu said...

Hey Anu , I love that decor on which you have put the quote. Maybe you should make prints of it with customizable quotes and make it available through your shop !

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